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The Best Board Games for Parties

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 Spice up any party with these awesome party board games! You've got chips and dip. You've got drinks and soda. You've got helium balloons, and a wicked playlist ready to go. The only thing that's missing is an awesome board game to get the party started! Maybe you'll play a rousing game of Clue. Or perhaps test your knowledge of film and entertainment with a round of Scene It? You might even want to spread out that iconic, polka-dotted mat on the ground for a hilarious game of Twister. Whatever you choose, we've got your party covered with these super fun party board games. 

The games that are featured on this list include: Pictionary, Taboo, Smarty Party, Wits and Wagers, Balderdash, Guesstures, Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Party Pooper, Trivial Pursuit Party, Scrabble, Axis and Allies, B.S., Monopoly and Say Anything. If there’s a game listed here that you think is the absolute best, share your opinion and be sure to vote for your favorite one on the list. Also, please feel free to add anything we might have left out or forgotten. 
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