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26 Horrifying Party Bus Injuries

The party bus injuries on this list will make you think twice before throwing a rager on a moving vehicle. From collisions, to fights, to stabbings, and even shootings, you never know exactly what you're getting into when you spend the night in a bus full of alcohol. Many of these tragic incidents resulted in injuries that just couldn't be mended, and some saddening demises. Many of the party bus companies even changed rules regulating their trips, and in a few cases, state governments also stepped in.

The craziest party bus rides of all time have ended in injuries all around the world. When you're drinking on a bus, anything can happen. Every state in America seems to have suffered at least one tragedy from a party bus night gone wrong. Read about a Florida high school's horrific homecoming when their party bus crashed into a sedan. And make sure to check in with one NFL star below who got into a party bus altercation with a stripper.

These party bus injuries and accidents will make you think twice about throwing your next shindig on a bus, but if you do decide to do it up party bus style, at least be sure to keep all your limbs and body parts inside the vehicle at all times.