7 Party Drugs That Have Medical Benefits  

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By now, everyone in the world knows that marijuana is not just a munchie-inducing recreational drug. It can also have big medicinal benefits for some. In fact, state after state has begun to legalize medical use of the marijuana to help sick people with issues that range from glaucoma and seizures, to anxiety and Alzheimer's disease. There's some possibility it can even help treat cancer.

So this begs the question - if cannabis has beneficial medical properties that were previously unknown, is it possible that there are other party drugs that also have some upsides to them (medically speaking, of course) And the answer, at least according to several studies, doctors, and experts, is "yes! But let's be clear, we're not suggesting LSD, ecstacy, coke and the other drugs on this list are good for you, or that the drugs on this list should be legalized now. That's for the researchers and doctors to figure out. We're just compiling the available studies. Further research is needed, but these drugs may one day widely help human beings in more ways than just helping them have a good time.

This lists contains seven other party drugs that, along with making people hallucinate or tweak out, have shown some ability to heal the sick. Some are even used internationally by medical professionals. Check out these facts about drugs and find out all about illegal drugs with medical benefits. Should these drugs used as medicine be more widely accepted? Make your thoughts heard in the comments!


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Special K
Ketamine is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 7 Party Drugs That Have Medical Benefits
Photo: Psychonaught/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Medical Benefits: Fights depression and can be used as anesthesia.

Special K, is an animal tranquilizer called ketamine that is hugely popular in the dance party circle. The drug is known as a psychoactive party drug, and it is used to enhance a "party" experience. However, it's becoming clear that Special K has some big potential in medicine as well.  

For instance, The New York Times has written about the possibility of the drug being used for treating depression, bipolar disorder, and suicidal thoughts. Apparently, ketamine combats depression in way less time than anti-depressants (hours, as opposed to weeks). 

Also, Special K can be used as anesthesia, especially in places that don't have access to more expensive drugs. Special K apparently provides anesthetic qualities without impairing airway control or depressing respiration. The World Health Organization even lists it on its list of essential medicines!


Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 7 Party Drugs That Have Medical Benefits
Photo:  Radspunk/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Medical Benefits: Treats narcolepsy, ADD, and obesity.

Methamphetamine (aka Crystal Meth) is an addictive stimulant drug that comes in a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder. Smoking or injecting the drug delivers it very quickly to the brain, where it produces an immediate, intense euphoria, which is where the "tweak" term comes from. Crystal meth can do horrible things to a person's mind and body, but...  

At low doses, crystal meth has been shown to boost alertness and block hunger and fatigue. It has been used (again, in very low doses) in the treatment of narcolepsy, ADD, and obesity. Desoxyn is a prescription form of meth that is sometimes used as a temporary treatment for obesity.

According to some articles, in North Korea crystal meth is used as a pour man's substitute for treating many illnesses, including acne! Since they don't have access to other drugs, some locals consider it to be their cure-all drug of choice.

Heroin is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 7 Party Drugs That Have Medical Benefits
Photo: Drug Enforcement Agency/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Medical Benefits: Relieves acute pain.

Believe it or not, in countries like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, heroin is available legally with proper prescription by a physician! Yes, the drug is used to treat acute pain situations, such as physical trauma/injury, post surgical pain, myocardial infarction (commonly known as heart attack), and other chronic painful conditions. If something can not be treated by pain killers, heroin can be used instead.

In countries where heroin is NOT legally available (like the U.S.), morphine can be used. Heroin is more lipid (fat) soluble than morphine, though, and can reach the target tissue more easily than morphine (and it is more potent). In other words, a smaller dose of heroin can have equal effect of a larger dose of morphine. Some doctors even prescribe heroin for women during childbirth!

Finally, it has also been argued that heroin can help wean drug addicts off of other drugs (when monitored), but, yeah, common sense even dictates how impractical that sounds.  

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