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7 Party Drugs That Might Have Medical Benefits

Updated 26 Mar 2020 211.3k views7 items

By now, everyone in the world knows that cannabis is not just a munchie-inducing recreational substance. It can also have big medicinal benefits for some. In fact, state after state has begun to legalize the medical use of cannabis to help sick people with issues that range from glaucoma and seizures to anxiety and Alzheimer's disease. There's some possibility it can even help treat cancer.

So, this begs the question - if cannabis has beneficial medicinal properties that were previously unknown, is it possible that there are other party drugs that also have some upsides to them (medically speaking, of course) And the answer, at least according to several studies, doctors, and experts, is "yes! But let's be clear, we're not suggesting LSD, ecstasy, coke and the other drugs on this list are good for you, or that the drugs on this list should be legalized now. That's for the researchers and doctors to figure out. We're just compiling the available studies. Further research is needed, but these drugs may one day benefit human beings in more ways than just helping them have a good time.

This lists contains seven other party drugs that have shown some ability to heal the sick. Some are even used internationally by medical professionals. Check out these facts about drugs and find out all about illegal drugs with medical benefits. Should these drugs used as medicine be more widely accepted?

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