Graveyard Shift Dramatic Video Shows Passengers Leaping Off Blazing Casino Boat  

Mick Jacobs

One yachting excursion found out the hard way that not everything is all "fun in the sun" in the sunshine state. In the video below, a yacht erupts into a major conflagration, forcing passengers to abandon ship.

When the footage starts, the vessel looks to be especially smoky, with the flames confined to the unseen interior. Already people begin jumping off the sides, undoubtedly understanding that where there's smoke there's fire, even on the ocean.

Thankfully for these passengers who make it off, they do so before the flames make it to the deck, thereby turning the vessel into a floating fireball. Unfortunately, one passenger remained missing at the time of the footage's filming.

How would you respond in a maritime crisis like this one? Would you jump ship or hold out for it to burn out on its own? Watch the video below and see if you would brave these flames over open water.