A Pathologist With Over 500 Autopsies Under His Belt Reveals Details Of The Job

Even if you ignore the outrageous stories from forensic scientists, the day-to-day life of a forensic pathologist already sounds pretty over-the-top, at least according to one forensic pathologist on Reddit. With 500 examinations under his belt, Brazilian pathologist Mauricio Eiji knows most answers regarding questions about forensic pathology. By sharing what it's like to be a forensic pathologist, Eiji reveals the fascinating inner workings of a job that usually get overshadowed by creepy postmortem facts.

For every gnarly body he describes, Eiji also details equally interesting facts about what goes down during an autopsy. Based on Eiji's engaging descriptions about the life of a forensics worker, it sounds like someone needs to make the next true crime drama about a forensic pathologist. 


  • What Suspicious Passing Disturbed You The Most?

    "In one case that I could not find any cause of death [COD] during the autopsy, I reported it as an unknown [COD]. Days later, the police found out the deceased had been choked with a pillow by her granddaughter.

    Just to clear things up, I deal with non-violent [cases], the violent ones are done by police doctors, but sometimes a case comes in as a natural [COD] and during the autopsy (or later, as above) we find out that it was not natural."

  • Have Any Freak Incidences Stuck With You?

    "Well, I remember only one Darwin Award-worthy event: a guy who climbed in a sugar cane grinder to clean it, because some stuff got stuck inside, but did not unplug it first. While he was cleaning, the cane or whatever came loose and he was sucked in. It wasn't pretty. There was not much to perform an autopsy on."

  • What Is The Strangest Body You've Ever Examined?

    "Recently I examined a fetus that had no heart, as a consequence the entire upper body did not develop. It was basically only legs."

  • Have You Ever Found Anything Strange In Someone's Butt?

    "Nope. But a friend of mine found a zucchini so big that the guy perforated his colon with it. He said he slipped and [landed] on it."

  • Do You Ever See Bodies With Insects Inside Them?

    "Yes, when they are decomposing it's unavoidable. There are always some maggots, bugs, and eggs. But I have also performed an autopsy on a man who had fly larvae in a ulcer in his groin when he was alive."

  • Do Smokers' Lungs Really Look As Gross As Anti-Smoking Ads Present Them?

    "It could, but the ads push it a bit, they show the worst of the worst they can find."