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Patrick Is A Terrible Friend To SpongeBob If You Just Pay Attention

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SpongeBob SquarePants remains a beloved show with incredibly memorable characters. One particular personality, though, seems eviler than most people realize. In fact, he's the absolute worst. Fan theories about Patrick Star demonstrate he's an awful friend to SpongeBob - and might even hurt his supposed pal on purpose.

When it comes to SpongeBob SquarePants theories, fans believe Patrick is often responsible for the title character's perils. Patrick frequently shows how little he cares, and his relationship with SpongeBob looks toxic at best - and abusive at worst. It's easy to see why many people think the smiling pink starfish is a complete psychopath. 

  • He Accuses SpongeBob Of Lying

    Everything that happens in Season 2, episode 7, "Life Of Crime," is Patrick's fault. He convinces SpongeBob to steal a balloon, then the two of them run away from home - but the problems don't stop. 

    Both of the friends have candy bars, but Patrick eats his and promptly forgets. Immediately, he accuses SpongeBob of stealing his candy. SpongeBob, ever the trooper, offers Pat his candy to make peace. But Patrick refuses, threatening to report SpongeBob for balloon theft.

    Everything turns out okay because it's Free Balloon Day, but Patrick acts incredibly disloyal.

  • He Hunts SpongeBob Like Prey

    During Season 1, episode 9, "Nature Pants," SpongeBob decides he wants to live with the jellyfish. Patrick doesn't take this well, though. Initially, he cries, begging SpongeBob to stay. And when that doesn't work, Patrick decides to capture him as a trophy. 

    Patrick hunts SpongeBob like an animal, attacking him and setting traps. While Patrick eventually gives up the hunt, his actions get SpongeBob stung by all the jellyfish.

  • He Keeps An Embarrassing Photo Of SpongeBob

    Patrick keeps a secret in Season 2, episode 15, "The Secret Box," and SpongeBob does whatever it takes to learn the truth. He even breaks into Patrick's house - admittedly, not a good friend move. But everything turns out fine because SpongeBob learns the box only contains a piece of secret string. It's a bunch of worry for nothing, right?

    Not exactly. The final scene shows Patrick hiding something else in the box: an embarrassing photo of his best friend at a Christmas party. Not only does he taunt SpongeBob all day about the secret box, but he also keeps potential blackmail fodder on him.

  • He Refuses To Share A Toy With SpongeBob

    When Mr. Krabs makes a kid's meal toy, he doesn't exactly put in maximum effort. In Season 7, episode 6, "Yours, Mine, and Mine," he shoves straws into a Krabby Patty and calls it a day. 

    Somehow, SpongeBob and Patrick still love the new Patty Pal. SpongeBob generously buys the meal to share, but Patrick decides to play with the toy first and eat the burger. He says SpongeBob can play later, but hogs the toy the entire time, ignoring his friend's requests. In the end, he eats the toy rather than sharing.