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Things You Didn't Know About Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart has been acting for more than half a century, and in all that time, he's been in some of the most important franchises in film history. He got his start in the theater, and his eventual pathway into films and television put him into everything from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Excalibur to X-Men and American Dad. He's in his 80s, but doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon - but how much do you know about him?

Stewart is beloved by his fans, and they certainly know much about him, but odds are, there are things you didn't know about Patrick Stewart. This list hopes to rectify any gaps in knowledge his fans might have, so take a look down below, and if you find something interesting you didn't already know, go ahead and give it an upvote to see which fact rises to the top!

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    His Son Once Played His Son On 'The Next Generation'

    Patrick Stewart's son, Daniel, appeared in The Next Generation's "The Inner Light," which is considered by many fans to be one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    In the episode, Picard is overtaken by a probe that places him inside a simulation, causing him to experience an entire lifetime as a man called Kamin. Within the probe's simulation, Kamin has a son, and that son is played by Daniel.

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    People Pronounce 'Data' Differently Because Of Stewart

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation fans definitely pronounce the word "data" a specific way, but that pronunciation has permeated the English-speaking zeitgeist, and that's largely due to Stewart. The way he pronounced the name throughout the series definitely had an impact. Brent Spiner, who played Commander Data, explained that Stewart made the change during the cast's first table-read.

    There was even an exchange on the show that addressed this, which went like this:

    Dr. Katherine Pulaski: Dah-ta, look at this.

    Lt. Commander Data: [looking slightly confused] Day-ta.

    Dr. Katherine Pulaski: What?

    Lt. Commander Data: My name. It is pronounced "Day-ta."

    Dr. Katherine Pulaski: Oh?

    Lt. Commander Data: You called me "Dah-ta."

    Dr. Katherine Pulaski: [laughing] What's the difference?

    Lt. Commander Data: One is my name. The other is not.

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    Patrick Stewart Has Been Bald Since The Age Of 19

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    Few fans have seen Patrick Stewart with hair, and that's because the man lost all of his hair at the young age of 19. Since then, he's had very little hair on the sides of his head and has been mostly bald for more than six decades. 

    His baldness came up at the series' first press conference. Gene Roddenberry was once asked about why baldness hadn't been cured by the 24th century, and he replied, "By the 24th century, no one would care." Stewart even brought a toupee for his audition for the character, but Roddenberry told him to get rid of it.

    Stewart believed that losing hair over the course of a year meant he wouldn't have much of a chance with the ladies. He felt that he was inhibited, and he would have been bolder had he not lost his hair.

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    He's An Advocate For Assisted Suicide

    Sir Patrick Stewart has been a vocal supporter of assisted suicide. During an interview with The Sunday Times, he explained his position and support for Dying with Dignity, a UK group campaigning to change the law banning the practice. He said that it "should be a right" and that "A lot of it has to do with my age." He explained:

    I had a heart procedure five years ago. I was 70 last year and there is something about achieving threescore years and 10, isn’t there? Then I had a family member who had been very ill, and quite recently I’d heard the story of an illness and a death. I have the strong feeling that, should the time come for me, having had no role in my birth, I would like there to be a choice I might make about how I die.

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