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Patriots Day movie quotes help tell the story portrayed in the film about the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon and subsequent manhunt for those responsible. The thriller was directed by Peter Berg using a screenplay he, Matt Cook and Joshua Zetumer adapted from the book Boston Strong by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge. Patriots Day opened theatrically nationally across the United States on January 13, 2016.

In Patriots Day, viewers meet Boston Police Department Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) and his nurse wife, Carol (Michelle Monaghan). Tommy is returning to work after a suspension and is on light duty, in this case, patrolling the streets of Boston on April 15, 2013, for the Boston Marathon. Tommy is a bit salty about the assignment, but heads to work nonetheless.

Near 3pm local time, while Tommy is just yards away from the marathon's finish line, two bombs explode. Tommy immediately springs to action to help those who were injured and joins the investigation into the terrorist act. Working with local law enforcement, including Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman) and Watertown Police Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese (J. K. Simmons), Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Michael Beach) and the FBI, including Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon), Tommy helps apprehend the suspects responsible for the deadly act.

Patriots Day joined theaters already full of other great films including Hidden Figures, Live by Night, Fences, and Silence.  

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It's Love

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Tommy Saunders: What I saw today, good versus evil, love versus hate. There's only one weapon you have to fight back with, it's love. We wrap our arms around each other. I don't think that there's any way that they could ever win. 

Tommy Saunders reflects on the events he just experienced in the bombing of the Boston Marathon and subsequent search for the suspects. He focuses, however, on the good, the love that arose in the wake of tragedy and that feeling keeps him optimistic.

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Are There More Bombs?

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Police Interrogator: Are there more bombs? Are there more bombs?
Katherine Russell: I want a lawyer.
Police Interrogator: No
Katherine Russell: I have rights.
Police Interrogator: You ain't got s***, sweetheart. 

Katherine Russell, the wife of suspected bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is called in for questioning in these Patriots Day movie quotes. While Katherine pleads for an attorney, in a case like this, she learns that her rights are sorely gone.

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The Clock is Ticking

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Richard DesLauriers: Okay, let's get an evidence grid started right over there... The clock is ticking. The world is watching. Two suspects were seen on the surveillance cameras, two bombers. 
Tommy Saunders: We've got to find these guys before they do this to someone else.

FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers directs the others in the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing in these Patriots Day movie quotes. He also announces a big break in the case, that the two suspects were identified in surveillance video footage.

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We've Got Multiple Explosions

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Tommy Saunders: This is Sergeant 984, we've got multiple explosions. We need help down here!

Just yards from the site of the explosion, Tommy Saunders radios for help in this Patriots Day movie quote. He doesn't know much about what just happened, but knows that medical assistance is needed urgently.

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