We Can Guess Your Patronus Based On Your Zodiac

In J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, everyone has a unique Patronus. You probably already know that Pottermore offers a quiz to find your personal Patronus, but if it were up to the stars, which Patronus would you have according to your zodiac sign?


Like each zodiac, each Patronus represents a specific personality, style, and essence. Your Patronus is tailor fit to who you are at your core, based on your instinctual answers to a series of questions. But, what if in the world of Harry Potter there was a designated Patronus for each zodiac? Perhaps your Patronus would be a Vulture, a Deerhound, or even a Black Mamba.


Luckily, astrology has done the research for us, so you don’t need to shout “Expecto Patronum” to find out what your Patronus should be according to the zodiac. By examining how the movements of the constellations impact events here on Earth, star charts can help determine which Patronus you should possess according to your sign, which Harry Potter character you should be, and even which Hogwarts House you should be in. Have a look below at the most appropriate Patronus for each zodiac sign and get to work fighting those Dementors.