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We Can Guess Your Patronus Based On Your Zodiac

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In J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, everyone has a unique Patronus. You probably already know that Pottermore offers a quiz to find your personal Patronus, but if it were up to the stars, which Patronus would you have according to your zodiac sign?


Like each zodiac, each Patronus represents a specific personality, style, and essence. Your Patronus is tailor fit to who you are at your core, based on your instinctual answers to a series of questions. But, what if in the world of Harry Potter there was a designated Patronus for each zodiac? Perhaps your Patronus would be a Vulture, a Deerhound, or even a Black Mamba.


Luckily, astrology has done the research for us, so you don’t need to shout “Expecto Patronum” to find out what your Patronus should be according to the zodiac. By examining how the movements of the constellations impact events here on Earth, star charts can help determine which Patronus you should possess according to your sign, which Harry Potter character you should be, and even which Hogwarts House you should be in. Have a look below at the most appropriate Patronus for each zodiac sign and get to work fighting those Dementors.

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    If you only think of cats as being aloof and independent, it’s only because you haven’t yet met a Tonkinese. Tonkinese cats, or "The Tonk" as they're nicknamed, are friendly, active, and loving. Like their Aries counterpart, they demand attention and affection from the people around them, despite their autonomy, and won’t rest until they get it. Aries are famous for their stubborn personalities, like the Tonkinese, and are known to stand their ground until they get what they want.

    Those with Tonk qualities, like Sirius Black, are headstrong, stubborn, and prideful, but the clownish behavior they also exhibit is so endearing you can't help but be delighted by them.

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    Taurus energy has two speeds: those born under this sign are either relaxed and content, or hyped-up and ready to charge, just like a Deerhound. Scottish Deerhound dogs love to lounge. They are laid back and content to watch the world go by - until something worth chasing passes by, that is. When there is a goal in sight, Deerhounds are transformed into natural hunters, coursing after their fleeing prey in single-minded pursuit, not to return until the chase is complete.

    This is a perfect match for the Taureans of the zodiac, who will not rest until they have achieved their goals. Although Tauruses are loyal and caring, they also love routine, and can get easily stuck in their habits. Similarly, Scottish Deerhounds are sensitive dogs who are indeed friendly, but happier in a routine with one family than when socializing with strangers. Cleod, a real Scottish Deerhound, played Sirius Black's Animagus form in Order of the Phoenix. 

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    Vultures may seem intimidating and heartless, but in reality, they are a hyper-efficient bird that utilizes everything in their environment in order to succeed. A vulture has multiple sides, just like a Gemini - although they are dominating creatures, they are also intelligent, communicative, and social animals. Draco Malfoy is a great example of Gemini's often dual sided internal conflict - though he makes terrible decisions, he is constantly conflicted about whether he really buys into the whole Death Eater business. 

    The essence of a Vulture Patronus is fascinating, resourceful, wise, and adventurous. These Geminis ride the roller coaster of life, spiraling skywards one minute and plunging low the next.

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    Cancers have a tough outer shell, but also have a vulnerable softer side. Basset Hounds may be serious and stubborn on the trail, but overall are known as loyal and affectionate dogs that crave nothing more than companionship. This pairings makes sense, as Cancer signs are known to cling to comfort. One with a Basset Hound Patronus clings to the comfort of a cozy and safe space when they arrive home from a day of hard work, just like the dog does.

    Cancer energy is also sensitive, domestic, maternal, and compassionate. Basset Hounds are also incredibly loyal creatures, just like Dobby the house elf. In fact, Dobby may exhibit more Cancer and Basset Hound Patronus qualities than any other Harry Potter character. Plus, they both have those big ears!

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