Every Hollywood Icon Patti Smith Has Dated

She was an influential member of the 70s punk rock movement, so it’s no surprise there have been a lot of Patti Smith relationships. For fans wondering, “Who has Patti Smith dated?” this is the list for you. So, is Patti Smith single? 

It appears she may be for now, though in 2018, many speculated Ralph Fiennes was a Patti Smith boyfriend. If that’s true, he joins a list of the many famous men Patti Smith dated. One of the more important people Patti Smith dated was Fred “Sonic” Smith. Patti Smith married Fred in 1980, after which the pair moved away into semi-retirement to raise their children. 

Sam Shepard was another of the important Patti Smith exes. She even wrote a loving tribute to him in The New York Times, after his passing in 2017.

Read on below to learn about the full Patti Smith dating history.