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The Most Shocking Details Princess Diana's Butler Has Alleged About Her Life

Updated December 18, 2020 3.7m views13 items

Former butler Paul Burrell was privy to all of the British Royal Family's secrets in the '90s - especially those of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, who was also his boss. Diana, "the People's Princess," and Burrell were allegedly more than just boss and employee, though; according to him, they were close friends who confided their secrets to one another. 

Diana's tragic passing brought forth Burrell's revelations about life with the princess. He released books and gave numerous tell-all interviews, exposing the most intimate of secrets about the late royal, reportedly ranging from Diana's issues with Prince Charles to her eating disorder. The man who was once Princess Diana's butler became a celebrity and media personality in his own right. Here are some of the most scandalous tidbits about Diana's life, at least according to Burrell. 

  • Diana's Mother Reportedly Criticized Her Choice Of Men

    Princess Diana's relationship with her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was often contentious. After all, Shand Kydd left her daughter at a young age, though the two bonded later on. However, Diana evidently severed the relationship after what Burrell described as Shand Kydd's prejudiced attitude. Burrell noted Shand Kydd was also rude to her daughter and had an issue with Diana's relationships with Muslim men. 

    Burrell said he knows this because Diana invited him to listen in on her phone calls.

  • Burrell Said Prince William Told His Mom He'd Reinstate Her Royal Title

    When Princess Diana divorced Charles, she lost her royal title. Burrell wrote in his book A Royal Duty about how much this upset the princess. The book also stated the loss of the title meant Diana worried about becoming a commoner again and would perhaps need to curtsy to most of the royal family, including her sons.

    In response to his mother's plight, eldest son William allegedly told Diana, "Don't worry, Mummy. I will give it back to you one day when I am king.”

  • They Allegedly Gave Money To Women Working On The Street

    Burrell said he and Diana drove around London looking for women engaged in street work. In a leaked legal document, Burrell claimed Diana would give out 50 pounds per person "on condition that they went home and stopped working." She also bought "clothes for them from Marks and Spencer, and she also gave one girl money so that she could buy a coat."

    He also alleges Diana would get annoyed if she saw the same individual again without the coat, believing "that she had obviously spent the money on something else."

  • She Reportedly Begged Boyfriend Hasnat Khan To Marry Her

    Before dating Dodi Fayed, Diana was apparently head-over-heels in love with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Burrell said he facilitated their romance, setting up candlelit dinners for the duo and shopping for gifts from Diana for Khan.

    A leaked police document alleged Diana said Khan was her "soulmate," and she "begged" him to marry her. In fact, Burrell claimed she used Fayed to make Khan jealous.