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The Most Shocking Details Princess Diana's Butler Has Alleged About Her Life

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Former butler Paul Burrell was privy to all of the British Royal Family's secrets in the '90s - especially those of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, who was also his boss. Diana, "the People's Princess," and Burrell were allegedly more than just boss and employee, though; according to him, they were close friends who confided their secrets to one another. 

Diana's tragic passing brought forth Burrell's revelations about life with the princess. He released books and gave numerous tell-all interviews, exposing the most intimate of secrets about the late royal, reportedly ranging from Diana's issues with Prince Charles to her eating disorder. The man who was once Princess Diana's butler became a celebrity and media personality in his own right. Here are some of the most scandalous tidbits about Diana's life, at least according to Burrell. 

  • Burrell Said Diana Was The Only One Who Knew He Is Gay

    Burrell has said that Diana was the only person who knew he is gay. He was married to a woman during his stint as Diana's butler, but he has since come out and married his partner.

    According to an interview Burrell gave on Good Morning Britain, she knew even though he said nothing about it: "We never had that discussion, but it was implicit in everything I did... I chose her dresses, I did wonderful flower arrangements, I chose her jewels, I was her best friend."

  • Burrell Has Claimed An Apparition Of Diana Visits Him At Night

    Burrell has claimed an apparition of Diana visits him in his dreams. He has admitted he hoped she would give the go-ahead on his eventual marriage to partner Graham Cooper. Burrell stated his dreams of Diana are so lifelike he sometimes thinks he's back in Kensington Palace.

    In these dreams, Burrell says Diana is asking him why he won't tell people she's still alive. Burrell replies the world isn't ready, and they must wait.

  • According to Burrell, Diana Was In More Than One Big Car Accident

    Before the Paris incident that took Diana's life, she apparently was in another major accident, according to Burrell. This last revelation occurred in a conversation between Burrell and medium John Edwards on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Australia. Edwards claimed Diana was in another accident before the one that took her life, serving to foreshadow the final event. 

    Edwards also appeared to know intimate details of Diana's life, such as her favorite glass bird and the dress Burrell last saw her wearing.

  • Diana Reportedly Planned To Move To Malibu

    Burrell claimed that Diana was ready to leave London at the time of her passing. She wanted a change of pace - and scenery. Her destination of choice? Malibu, CA. She wasn't planning to live in the Golden State full-time, but she would have maintained a residence by the beach to enjoy the sun and sand with her sons. 

    She was reportedly excited by the idea of living in America, where she figured she might face less judgment.