Weird History Archaeologists Just Dug Up Paul Revere's Outhouse, And They Found Out More Than They Bargained For  

Rebecca High

American Revolution hero Paul Revere's outhouse was unearthed in 2017, as you can see in this fascinating video.

Technically, it's an outhouse that sat between Revere's home and another famous old home in Boston, and it's proven to be an important, if revolting, part of piecing together more information about life as it was lived in 1700s America.

The Pierce-Hichborn house next to Revere's home was occupied by Revere's cousin. But what can archeologists learn from someone's fossilized poop?

Surprisingly, we can learn a lot more than just what food a typical person ate back then: feces allows us to learn about intestinal parasites, common diseases, and even economic status. Watch this video to find out what Paul Revere's outhouse revealed.