Facts That Prove, Conclusively, Paul Rudd Is The Most Charming Human Man Alive

Who’s a good guy, a fine actor, a dangerously silly man, and an improv master? Paul Rudd, that’s who. That’s why Paul Rudd facts rule and why you will win at Paul Rudd trivia once you check out this list. Unless you ARE Paul Rudd. And if you are, you are awesome.  

From his habitual clip prank on Conan to his ability to survive a crappy movie and still be beloved, Paul Rudd is as close to a superhero as any human can get. He’s not ripping the roads or showing off. He’s not up in the club or drunkenly slurring on TMZ. Paul Rudd seems quite happy to just go to work, do his thing, and keep the drama on the stage and screen. He’s also pretty cute in lederhosen.

What's so great about Paul Rudd? Well, his crazy love of pop music. His ageless face. His porn 'stache in Anchorman. His luxurious hair and the fact that it survived a shooting. His total and complete love of Steve Martin. Or that time he asked his mom to shave his hairline back to mimic Adam Ant’s receding hairline. Any true Paul Rudd biography would be incomplete without mention of celery man. True fans know who that is. 

Paul Rudd is so magical, we forget that he’s magical. And these Paul Rudd facts will bear that out. Upvote your favorite Paul Rudd trivia and let your sex panther run wild.