WATCH This Animal Shelter Sorts Dogs By Hogwarts Houses And You Can Sort Your Pup Too  

Mick Jacobs

People love dogs and people love Harry Potter, and one animal shelter decided to capitalize on both of these nearly universal passions. The video below gives you a glimpse into Pawgwarts, a shelter where dogs are "sorted" into houses.

Just like Hogwarts, Pawgwarts sorts its occupants into one of four houses based on their personalities. Through sorting their dogs based on personality, the shelter hopes to fight back against breed-based discrimination.

When people see for themselves a pitbull or rottweiler sorted into a "friendly" or "calm" house, they're less likely to hold true to stereotypes or generalizations made about those breeds.

If you go by Pawgwarts with your own pooch, they'll even sort your own best friend too. Watch the video below to see just how magical this shelter is.