12 Awesome PBS Kids Shows You Forgot You Used To Watch

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Vote up the PBS shows that were a huge part of your childhood, but you totally forgot about until now.

Since its founding in 1970, PBS has been a staple of public broadcasting on American television. Throughout the long history of the non-profit broadcasting organization, many shows have come and gone. As a kid, you probably watched your fair share of TV shows on the station, but after a few cycles of shows (and as you grew older) both your interest and memories faded and your brain cleared some space. Well, on this list you'll find those old PBS Kids shows you forgot about. Relive these '80s and '90s TV series from PBS Kids and prepare some serious nostalgic flashbacks. Vote up all the shows you're glad to remember and vote down the ones that didn't really make that much of an impact.

Over its decades of service, the independently operated organization has cycled through hundreds of shows. Buried within those shows are some gems that really stuck with the viewer in one way or another, making an educational, moral, or emotional impact. Read on to see which shows really stuck with viewers, even though they're a bit obscure.