The Best PBS Shows of 2022

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Vote up the best PBS series that aired new episodes during the 2022 calendar year.

The best PBS shows in 2022 include not just your favorite comfort shows and news programs but plenty of charming dramas. If you're ready to plan what PBS series you're watching in 2022, this list has them ranked from best to worst thanks to your votes. Which are the best new and returning PBS shows in 2022?

Popular PBS television series often include period dramas, and 2022 is no exception with Sanditon and All Creatures Great and Small premiering new episodes. Another period adaptation of a book is brand-new on Public Broadcasting - Around The World In 80 Days, starring David Tennant, is already renewed for a second season. Other great PBS series airing new episodes in 2022 include biographical documentaries such as Finding Your Roots and American Masters.

Which television PBS series are you going to watch in 2022? Vote up the best new and returning PBS TV shows to air in 2022.

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