22 Hilarious PC Gaming Memes Guaranteed To Make Console Players Salty

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PC gaming isn't a club for everyone. It weeds out people who are not willing to do basic research and who are not interested in saving money. It excludes blind followers of console developers and pushes its members to create their own gaming systems to match their specific needs. For the strong, the brave, and the few who overcome these hurdles to become PC gamers, glory awaits. 

You want 4K resolution for every new triple-A title? No problem. Sixty frames per second, buttery-smooth gameplay? Also doable on PC. Or maybe you want a budget PC that's cheaper than a console, but still twice as powerful? You got it. All these benefits, and you haven't even gotten to the part where Steam and Origin offer games up to 90% off on a constant basis - the same games that are almost always full price on consoles.

With all these benefits, it's understandable why PC gamers have accrued a bit of a superiority complex. It's also understandable why console gamers might be a bit salty toward PC players. So, in response to this tension, the denizens of the Internet have taken it upon themselves to lighten hostilities with a bevy of funny, light-hearted memes about the PC gaming experience. Like funny video game memes, these funny PC gaming memes bring out the ingenuity of the geek community. Check out the best memes about PC gaming superiority below and vote up the ones that are the most hilarious.