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The Most Essential PDX Carpet Merchandise

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Man alive, people are crazy for the PDX carpet, huh?! The new PDX carpet is pretty much just as silly, but nostalgia rules all and you simply must commemorate the sweet rug from America's best airport in high style. So what do you do? You buy PDX carpet socks. You pick up a PDX carpet shirt and some PDX carpet shoes, and maybe get a PDX carpet tattoo, I don't know your life.

One thing is for sure: if you want PDX airport carpet merch, you can get it. You don't really even have to try very hard. You can just go online and choose from any number of ridiculous and wonderful items. Even Portland Trailblazer darling Damian Lillard is getting in on the fun with his sick PDX carpet Adidas basketball shoes. Grab some PDX carpet D Lillard 1s and ball so hard.

Yes, there is new PDX carpet, but dry your tears and treat yourself to a PDX carpet hat, poster, and drink koozie, and keep Portland weird in whatever way you see fit. Maybe even go real crazy and buy PDX carpet! Your money is yours to spend!

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