P.E. Activities You Miss The Most

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P.E., or Physical Education, was either the highlight of the day, or the hour you dread the most in school. P.E. classes exist to keep students active and make sure they don't spend all their time sitting in desks, away from the sun, and listening to lectures. Since school can often by exhausting, the period in which kids are required to exercise and play games generally serves to provide energy and excitement.

Some kids remember running miles and doing pushups for the entire hour that they were in P.E., but others recall the fun games they'd play like flag football or four square. The more competitive students likely look back fondly on their P.E. classes and maybe even miss participating in the epic dodgeball tournaments. Rainy days in particular could ensure than students would be running around a court trying to out-strategize the opposition. Whether you loved it or couldn't wait for the activity to end, it's likely you recall a few of the best P.E. activities from school. 

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  • Parachute


    59 votes

    Players stand in a circle around the rainbow colored parachute and lift it high into the air as one person runs to the opposite end of the circle before the chute hits the ground. 

  • Kickball


    58 votes

    Kickball is similar to a traditional baseball game only it's played with a rubber kickball and players use their feet instead of a bat. 

  • Bowling


    53 votes

    Players attempt to knock down ten plastic pins by rolling a plastic ball down a designated lane. Each player gets two tries to knock down as many pins as they can for several rounds. The player who knocks down the most pins by the end of the game, wins. 

  • Dodgeball


    68 votes

    Dodgeball players line up on either side of a court and toss rubber balls at players on the opposing team until everyone is eliminated. You are eliminated once you've been hit by a ball. 

  • Capture The Flag

    Capture The Flag

    50 votes

    Capture the flag is set up with two teams, each defending their respective flags. Using strategy and speed, players attempt to steal the opposing team's flag from its post. 

  • Scooter Boards

    Scooter Boards

    47 votes

    Scooter boards are a diverse enough object that they can be used for several different games. Typically, players lay front first on the board and use their arms and legs to scoot through the identified course.