Small But Interesting Details About 'Peacemaker'

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Peacemaker came out of nowhere to become one of the biggest surprise hits of 2022. These fans scoured the show and found a number of interesting but small details about the show that add even more to the new series.

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    John Cena Is Actually Playing The Piano In Episode 6

    From Redditor u/amongus555:

    In Peacemaker Episode 6 (2022), it is actually John Cena playing the piano, and he is even a self-taught musician in real life!

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    Economos's Beard Gets More Grey As The Series Progresses

    From Redditor u/imbillypardy:

    In Peacemaker (2020), John gives Economos the nickname 'Dyebeard,' which shows to progressively make the character more self-conscious as the show goes on, his beard greying in the process.

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    Judomaster Is Hidden Throughout The Opening Credits

    From Redditor u/endthepainowplz:

    Heard Judomaster was hidden in the background. So I found him(back left).

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    Peacemaker Has A Picture Of Eclipso On A Dartboard In His Trailer

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    White Dragon's Henchmen Drive A Car With A License Plate Referencing White Supremacists

    From Redditor u/HiHowAreYou2004:

    Peacemaker S1-E7: Vigilante escapes from the white supremacists in a car with the plate '14WRDS,' a reference to the 14 words used by white supremacists.

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    Peacemaker Chooses To Use A Shield In The 'Peacemaker' Finale Rather Than The Sword He Used In 'The Suicide Squad'