Weird Nature A Peacock Trashed A Liquor Store, Is All Of Us After One Too Many Shots  

Kate Jacobson
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Look, we all know what it's like to have had one too many cocktails (just ask this chick.) Sometimes things can get a little out of hand, and feathers start to fly. And this California peacock is no exception. 

While this bird technically wasn't drunk, she sure was pissed off, so much so that she caused $500 worth of damage at a California liquor store in June 2017. This female peacock – which is actually known as a peahen – strutted into a San Bernardino liquor store like she was trying to get her rosé on. But when she wasn't well received by the store's clerk, things got a little dicey. 

What resulted was a pretty hilarious cellphone video. The store's clerk and police officers tried to get the lost peahen out of there, but she wasn't going without a fight (or at least a bottle of champagne). 

Our Hero The Peahen Slipped In Undetected – And Customers Thought She Was A Chicken

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Store clerk Rani Ghanem was working on the eve of June 6 when the peahen walked into his Arcadia, CA, liquor store. As she strutted up and down the aisles, Ghanem didn't notice. That is, until one of his customers came up to the counter and asked him about "el pollo," AKA the chicken. 

But it wasn't a chicken – it was a peahen. He and the customer tried to maneuver the bird out of the store, but she got spooked and jumped to the top of a high shelf. Ghanem was equally scared and opted to call in some professional help. 

The Peahen Destroyed $500 Worth Of Wine And Champagne – She Clearly Has Expensive Taste

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Ghanem called 911 and animal control to come assess the situation. They used a fishing net and some gloves to coax the animal down from her perch. But she wasn't too happy about it

On her descent, she clung onto the wine selection, sending bottles flying left and right. As bottles crashed to the floor, Ghanem cursed, and the officer held on for dear life. After a nearly 90 minute struggle, officers eventually got the peahen out of the store and back into a more fitting habitat – you know, one without expensive bottles of wine.

In total, the store suffered a $500 loss mostly from broken champagne and wine bottles. 

"[She's] got expensive taste," Ghanem said.

Peahens (And Peacocks) Ain't Nothin' To Mess With

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While peacocks and peahens are not known for being particularly aggressive, they have been known to attack humans – especially when they feel threatened, are in their mating season, or their chicks are endangered. In one super crazy peacock attack, a Houston police officer had to taser the bird before its owner shot it. 

And these birds have pretty sharp claws. If you happen to encounter a peacock in a negative way, it might not end so well for you.