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What 'Peanuts' Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated 19 Dec 2018 4.0k views12 items

If you often struggle to give up the spotlight or control your rage towards certain boys who wear classic yellow sweaters, the zodiac might be able to explain your urges. In this case, you're probably a Lucy, the Peanuts character most like an Aries. She's fiery, and she knows what she wants. And hey, what's the problem with that? After discovering which Peanuts character matches your astrology sign, you'll probably gain the peace Lucy never can. Or you may understand why that dirt cloud keeps following you, too.

Charles M. Schulz's hilarious comic characters are more psychologically complex than you might have guessed. The 12 horoscopes can explain their quirks and yours, too.

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