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20 Surprising Facts About Peanuts And Its Creator Charles Schulz

No list of Charles Schulz facts is complete without paying tribute to the comic he put his heart and soul into for 50 years - Peanuts. Facts about the Peanuts comic strip are nearly intertwined with his real life, such as the fact that both Schulz and Charlie Brown's fathers were barbers, there really was a Little Red Haired Girl, and Schulz's dog, Spike, was one of the inspirations for Snoopy.

Charles Schulz started out working as a comic artist and illustrator for several years before Peanuts gained recognition in the mid-1950s. What followed was merchandising, animated television specials, and even a 3D movie. At its height, Peanuts was being read in 75 countries and 21 languages, making it one of the world's most beloved and well-read comics. 

Is Peanuts based on real life? Since Schulz put a little bit of himself into each character, in some ways, it is. Peanuts was sometimes dark, but each strip always ended with a laugh. As Schulz once said, "Well, there is nothing funny about the person who gets to kick the football." Happiness may be a warm puppy, but this list of Charlie Brown facts and Charles M. Schulz trivia is the next best thing.