Wholesome Interviews That Prove Bella Ramsey & Pedro Pascal Are The Perfect TV Dad & Daughter

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At the heart of HBO's series The Last of Us, adapted from a game of the same name, lies the relationship between a mourning father and an orphaned girl. The chemistry of the actors cast to play Joel and Ellie needs to be just right, but Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey (both of Game of Thrones fame) may just be the ones to pull it off.

At the very least, they already seem to be have proven themselves a hilarious pair in their interviews together. Vote up your favorite moments from the co-stars, and if you're looking for more, be sure to also check out Funny Bella Ramsey Interview Moments That Prove She's The Perfect Ellie For 'The Last of Us' and Hilarious Interview Moments From The Cast Of HBO's ‘The Last Of Us.’