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The Best Peeing Scenes in Film

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Everyone pees. It’s a fact of life that you can’t ignore. Because if you do, you’ll die a painful, salty death. But in the world of film, we rarely get to see characters use the bathroom. Whether it’s because filmmakers feel that a trip to the toilet would slow down the narrative, or because they think it’s just plain gross is a mystery. Still, there are some true artists out there who include peeing scenes in movies. And what a delight they are! Funny peeing scenes have long been a staple of sophomoric comedy films, but a few films have managed to make an art out of pee scenes. If you’re dying to know which films focus on number one, take a big drink of water and check out the best movies where someone pees.

Peeing scenes in films aren’t always comical. Sometimes they serve to let us know what kind of world we’re in. Do characters drink their own pee in this universe? Or are there robots that tell you that you need to change your diet because of your gross pee? Believe it or not, such scenes in A League of Their Own and Billy Madison are actually character building moments. If your interest is piqued, keep reading to learn all about the best pee scenes in the world of film.

  • A League of Their Own
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    This entire list could have been about Tom Hanks peeing in different places. But his hungover pee party in a women's locker room full of ladies takes the (urinal) cake.
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  • For a lot of preteen boys, this VERY LONG scene where Austin Powers wakes up from a deep freeze and pees into a government-sanctioned urinal was about as funny as it gets. What else would you do if you just woke up after 30 years?
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  • Billy Madison
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    After returning to school in order to complete some weird McGuffin so he can take over his father's business, Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) befriends a nerd who has an embarrassing accident on a school trip. Billy does the only thing he can and convinces the kids that it's cool to pee your pants. 

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    True Lies
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    In just one scene, Bill Paxton manages to steal the whole movie out from under Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold. After the Governator discovers that Paxton has been pretending he's a spy to flirt with is wife, Arnie does the only thing a man of his caliber can do: he takes Bill Paxton to the top of a building and points a gun in his face until he pees himself. And duh, it results in the best line of the movie: "Would a spy pee himself?"

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