People Reveal Their Horrifying Experiences With Peeping Toms  

Anna Lindwasser
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Everyone wants to feel safe during their private moments, and peeping Toms can undermine that sense of safety. These true peeping Tom horror stories from Redditors show exactly how terrifying these offenders can be. The tales range from downright terrifying to just plain creepy. Some involve murder plots, while others involve creepy teenagers. In any case, peeping Toms are highly unsettling.

The Peeping Tom Was Planning A Murder

From Redditor /u/in_the_vortex:

In my late 20s, I lived alone in a small ground-floor apartment. The window in my bedroom faced an enclosed patio area surrounded by a tall, wooden fence. The window had vertical blinds with an open-weave, nubby fabric on them.

One night, I was home alone and decided to go to bed early. I was in bed (actually a futon on the floor) when I noticed the shadow of the tree outside that was falling on the blinds/window had a strange shape to it. I was on the phone with a friend, and I kept watching the shadow because it just looked different than normal. After I hung up the phone, I kept watching and noticed that it moved slightly. I figured it was the wind and just kept staring at it.

Now, here's the thing to keep in mind. I always changed in that room. I would shower and then go to my room to dry off or put on lotion, etc. Plus, my boyfriend and I would have sexy time in there a lot so there's that.

Anyway, after watching the weird shadow for a bit, I finally decided to do a super-sleuth roll out of bed and I crawled over to the window. I was pretending to be a spy and basically entertaining myself with these shenanigans when I carefully pulled apart the blinds to come face to face with a man who was staring in my window. He had obviously seen me coming because he just stood there with his face right up against the window staring me down while I screamed.

It took a moment for me to gain my composure, but when I did, I ran to the phone and kept dialing 991. I was so freaked out that I couldn't figure out why no one was answering. I finally dialed 911 and the police came quickly.

When they got there, they went out to my back patio only to discover evidence, such as semen, all over my wall under the window and face and hand prints on every pane of glass (there were 32 panes—it was an old-fashioned, crank open kind of window). I had apparently been giving a nightly peep show to this guy for months.

They caught him several weeks later only to discover that he had been watching several (I think the number was five) women in the area and had laid plans to murder one of us. The cops wouldn't tell me who he had picked, but they did come by to check on me several times. I have to say, even with all the "bad cop" stories on Reddit, I will be forever grateful to the police for making me feel safer during that whole experience.

By the way, the guy was sent to prison for a few years, and I moved as soon as I could after that. The worst part is, I can still see his face calmly staring at me just a few inches away while I screamed. It was horrific.

She Got Blackmailed By Her Ex

From Redditor /u/tsim12345:

Last year, my friend met this guy at church. She had been introduced to him by her pastor, and after the initial introduction sat near him a time or two during service.

In October, she left the church's fall festival and walked to her car to find him standing near her vehicle. He pretended like he was looking for his own car but she knew he was waiting for her by her car. They said a friendly hello, and that was it.

The next day she was in line at Starbucks and guess who walks in? He stands behind her, they engage in the whole "small world" talk, and she tells him she's getting a coffee before heading to the grocery store. He says, "Oh, me too. Would you like to keep each other company shopping?"

She was not at all suspicious at this point, and she was starting to crush on the guy so she agreed. It led to them dating, but a series of weird things that took place during the month they were going out.

He would send her three-year-old pictures of herself from her Facebook and say look how pretty you are. He would always ask her for a key to her home. He would show up every place she went "coincidentally." He would bring her lunch to work unannounced. One time he noticed me looking at him and accused me of being suspicious—he yelled, "What? Are you worried about your friend? Do you think I'm going to kidnap her or something?" I was speechless.

The last of those events prompted her to try breaking things off because she knew he really was a weird guy. Naturally, he rejected her break up and sent her a video of her showering that she was not aware he took... It was clearly taken by someone who had used a ladder or something to climb to her very high bathroom windows and aim the phone down to see in the shower. He told her he would show everyone the video if she tried to leave him or tell the cops.

She went to the pastor and her church and he handled it supposedly. They aren't allowed to talk to each other anymore, and since the pastor spoke to him he hasn't contacted her.

This Child Was Photographed In Secret

From Redditor /u/cainvsabel:

When I was nine, a cop showed up at our door and told my parents someone had been watching us. The neighbor behind us was photographing my sister, my mother, and I undress in our rooms. The neighbors moved out, and the new family found pictures of us in the house.

It was a crushing experience. I was only nine and my sister only ten. I still shutter to think our photos are floating around the internet. I keep my daughter's window shades down all the time now.

These Parents Weren't Going To Let The Creep Get Away With Peeping

From Redditor /u/Slambovian:

Before I was born my parents had an issue with a peeping Tom. They tried to call the cops on the guy, but he always left before they arrived. One night as my mom was getting undressed, she heard something outside of the window. My dad told her to keep doing what she was doing to keep the guy occupied. He called the cops and proceeded to slip out the back door.

The men in my family are generally not large; we're not built to take a fight. It turns out though, that if you flying tackle someone from behind, jerk their shirt over their head and just start beating them, there's not much of a fight involved. If you set things up right, having a thin frame doesn't matter much.

A few minutes after the beating began, the cops pulled up. My dad held the kid down. My parents watched as this guy who had been a general terror to the neighborhood was arrested while soaked in his own urine. I'm not sure what happened legally after that.