People Are Sharing Their Favorite "Dead" Video Game Franchises

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One of the best things about a video game franchise is that developers can keep it going for years and years. Just look at some of Nintendo's franchises and try to count the total number of Mario or Zelda games — you're going to need a pen and paper. Of course, not every video game franchise has the same kind of lasting power as Resident Evil or Call of Duty. Some franchises disappear for years but deserve a comeback.

Whether it's because the technology has advanced beyond the original scope of the game or the developers' attention has refocused elsewhere, there are plenty of video game franchises that have gone "dead," never to be seen again. Occasionally, gamers share their favorite "dead" video game franchises to Reddit, and these are the best examples posted on the site.

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    'Burnout' Burned Out Just When It Was Getting Good

    Posted by u/bdfortin:


    I’m surprised I haven’t seen it here yet. Genuinely the best car crashing game series ever made. Groundbreaking in so many ways. Then Criterion was acquired and essentially beaten to death by EA until the original members defected and founded their own studio again. Looking forward to their follow-up to Burnout Paradise, they had so many ambitions for that game before EA put them on ice.

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    'Command & Conquer: Red Alert' Could Use An Update

    Posted by u/mein-shekel:

    Command and Conquer: Red Alert.

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    'Silent Hill' Was A Brilliant Survival Horror Series That Vanished

    Posted by a now-deleted Redditor:

    In my restless dreams,

    I see that game.

    Silent Hill.

    They promised me they'd take me there again someday.

    But Konami never did.

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    'RoadRash' Was A Fun And Intense Retro Racer

    Posted by u/AkshagPhotography:


    Posted by u/dirtyLizard:

    The spiritual successor Road Redemption is a lot of fun!

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    'Dino Crisis' Could Use A Reboot On Modern Hardware

    Posted by u/_CinderellaMan_:

    I would like to see a Dino Crisis reboot on current-gen consoles.

    Posted by u/ForTheLoveOfCreeps:

    I loved Dino Crisis. I mean I was pretty young at the time so it also kinda scared me, but I loved it all the same!!

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    It's A Shame There Won't Be Any New Titles In the 'Legacy Of Kane' Series

    Posted by u/nuknoe:

    Legacy of Kain.

    Posted by u/FairyPizza:

    Soul Reaver, what a game.

    Posted by u/ImpSong:

    GOAT voice acting in a game series.