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15 People Who've Died Describe The Sensation Of Coming Back To Life

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Stories of near-death experiences always differ based on the person who nearly bit the bullet. In certain instances, rather than cheating death, some people literally died a clinical death, where the heart stops but the body can still be "revived." For many people who nearly die, death appears as nothingness or an overwhelming blackness, bringing with it a sense of simply no longer being. Then, of course, there are those people who saw the light, traveling through bright tunnels or finding themselves in fields. Depending on their religious background, others may also claim to see visions of heaven or hell.

But whatever people might see or wherever they may find themselves after death, these Reddit users' stories of dying and being resuscitated all include a sense of calmness and peace. People who clinically died and came back may not have shared the same experience, but they all experienced a chapter in their lives that, at least for most, comes at the very end.

  • A Mysterious Woman Comforted Their Uncle

    From jojewels92:

    "My uncle died' in a motorcycle accident and was later revived. He said when he was waiting for the ambulance to show up, a woman named Mary came and stayed with him. She told him everything would be okay and she would stay as long as he needed. He said he just felt this immense sense of calm and peace, that this woman made him warm and comfortable. He could see his surroundings and the truck driver who hit him.

    There was no woman and he was unconscious during this time. When they revived him at the hospital he said his throat burned when he took his first breath again. He wasn't all there and he kept asking for the woman."

  • They Were In A Beautiful And Calm Place

    From maddiemoiselle:

    "I have type 1 diabetes. What happened was my blood sugar became dangerously low (a good range for me is about 100-140, while my blood sugar at the time was 43). Low blood sugar can actually kill you, so I ended up having a seizure in my mother's arms and basically died. I was about five or six-years-old.

    When I was being 'pulled back.' paramedics were forcing a Coke down my throat and I was so disoriented that I thought I was on a roller coaster. The place I felt I was in was beautiful and a very calming environment, whereas being back in my home surrounded by scared people (my mom, sister, and three strange men - the paramedics) disturbed me. It also was confusing to go from the beautiful place to such a chaotic scene, especially as a six -year-old who didn't quite understand death yet.

  • They Lost All Personal Identity

    From FallingDarkness:

    "I've had a near-death experience twice, and neither time would I say that I was unconscious or in any state of nothingness. However, during this time I lost all personal identity. When I woke up, I was overcome with the very strange sensation of remembering that I exist. It's the weirdest feeling in the world. I wasn't 'me' while I was blacked out, but I honestly can't say who the f*** I actually was. As cheesy as it sounds, the best way I can describe it is that it was like being on another plane of existence."

  • Everything Went Black And There Was Nothingness

    From norcoisgreat:

    "The last thing I remember was being upside down in the air before the van finally hit the ground. It literally went from me thinking I'm going to die to nothing. Everything just went black. I had no feelings or thoughts. It was nothingness.

    Nothingness tends to scare people but you don't even know that you existed. It's not painful or scary you just simply cease to exist. The one interesting thing about it is it all happens so fast that you have no real idea what's going on. While I was being resuscitated is when things get kind of weird. It went from nothingness not even knowing you existed to me seeing my girlfriend."