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15 People Who've Died Describe The Sensation Of Coming Back To Life

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Stories of near-death experiences always differ based on the person who nearly bit the bullet. In certain instances, rather than cheating death, some people literally died a clinical death, where the heart stops but the body can still be "revived." For many people who nearly die, death appears as nothingness or an overwhelming blackness, bringing with it a sense of simply no longer being. Then, of course, there are those people who saw the light, traveling through bright tunnels or finding themselves in fields. Depending on their religious background, others may also claim to see visions of heaven or hell.

But whatever people might see or wherever they may find themselves after death, these Reddit users' stories of dying and being resuscitated all include a sense of calmness and peace. People who clinically died and came back may not have shared the same experience, but they all experienced a chapter in their lives that, at least for most, comes at the very end.

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