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20 People Who Received Money Share Horror Stories Of People Begging For A Portion

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Redditor u/treoni asked "People who won/inherited a lot of money, what are your horror stories from people begging for your money?" The following responses include examples of ludicrous demands, entitled people, and weirdly 

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    Family Coming Out Of The Woodwork

    From Redditor /u/blink2356

    I'm dealing with this sh*t right now.

    My Great-Aunt and godmother was a lesbian. Her partner - my Auntie Kitty - had been with her since the 1950's, when my godmother moved to New York. Auntie Kitty was disowned by her family when it came out she was with a woman. My godmother passed when I was 12 and left my Auntie Kitty everything in her will, which made things strained with my dad's family, though my dad and one of his brothers still talked to her.

    I moved to New York at 18 for school and, knowing no one else in the city, we became close. She was thrilled that I wanted to have a relationship with her and spend time with her and didn't hesitate to think of her as my aunt, even though she technically wasn't. She was legit the greatest, and we spent holidays together and she would come to things I worked on and I knew all her friends and she knew mine. I basically spent a decade with her being like another grandmother to me.

    She passed a few months ago, and it sucks. I miss her a lot, to put it lightly, but she was in her 90's and lived a long life.

    Thing was, she left everything to me. Now, I knew she had money - It was hard to miss - but I didn't know how much money she had. I ended up with a decent sized amount of cash and investments, a brownstone in the city, and a place in on the beach in the Carolinas.

    Her family came out of the woodwork when she passed, sniffing around for money and demanding I give them the beach house, or cash, or whatever. Her will states explicitly that they're not to receive anything from her estate, and it's all to go to me, but they're threatening to sue since 'they're sure she wanted to give them something' even though she hadn't talked to any of them in over half a century, and in some cases, had never met them.

    On the opposite side of things, my dad's sisters and brothers are pissed they didn't get anything, because they'd occasionally send her a Christmas card. None of them view it as fair that I was given everything, when they were given nothing. None of them showed up to her service, none of them had properly seen her or talked to her in years except my dad. One of my aunts has gone so far as harassing my boyfriend since he's apparently only in it for the money, despite the fact that he had a better relationship with her than she did, and had to help me plan her service.

    It's basically a sh*t show and I hate it.

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    Dad Ripped Out College Fund

    From Redditor /u/haylibee

    My Dad gained control of my college fund when my grandpa passed. Instead of saving it for when I went to college he used to live off of so he wouldn’t have to work. When it came time for me to apply for college there was $100 left in the account that started with about 30,000. It’s something I never forgave him for.

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    Trying To Manipulative Grandma With Dementia

    From Redditor /u/OuterSpaceLace

    My grandmother has dementia and her husband is dying of cancer. They have over a million in assets that have been divided between 4 sons. One son is a mentally ill, addict who has been in an out of jail. He has already been promised their house as his share of inheritance but he has been doing all he can to get more from his mother while her husband has been in the hospital slowly dying the last few months. He steals her credit cards, opens new ones in her name, and attempts to access their money through online banking.

    My step-grandfather is trying to get her declared mentally incompetent to prevent my uncle from manipulating her finances but between his health issues and being in and out of the hospital it is proving difficult.

    When her husband dies (which will unfortunately be soon), he plans on moving into their house (which he already sees as "his") and most likely milking my grandmother dry. The sad part is she has dementia and has no idea what is going on.

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    Insensitive Jab

    From Redditor /u/istheresugarinsyrup

    We inherited money from my husband’s great aunt, each grandchild in the family got equal amounts. His sister asked us to give her $10,000 from our portion because she had kids and we didn’t. It stung because she knew we were struggling with infertility.