Famous People Born the Exact Same Day

Here is a list of famous people who were born the same day - not just with the same birthday, but on the EXACT same day in the same year. Maybe even at the same hospital? To the same mother? No, there are no twins on this list. It's only celebs with the exact same birthdate, like Paris Hilton and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or like Nancy Grace and Weird Al.

What does it mean for two people to be born on the same day? In elementary school, it means two sets of cupcakes for the whole class! In college, if you have a lot of mutual friends, maybe it means a joint b-day bash? For the rich and famous and successful, it probably means a really fun conversation at Elton John's Oscar party while others stand around feeling like outsiders. A shared birthday equals an immediate kinship and a lifelong guarantee that at least one Facebook friend will remember your special day.

You know what is fun to think about re: people who have the exact same birthday? The different trajectories their careers have taken. For example, child star Henry Thomas, aka Elliott from E.T. - well, what is he up to these days? Who knows, but he is certainly not the breakout star of Modern Family, like his identical birthday buddy Eric Stonestreet! And Ralph "Daniel-san" Macchio has popped up in stuff recently, but his modern day career pales in comparison to his birthday twin, Survivor host Jeff Probst. Also, Malcolm X and Pol Pot were pretty different, goal-wise. And what about people who died young? What if Marilyn Monroe ever looked as old as freaking Andy Griffith???

Is it fun to think about birthdays? Did you even know that "Lincoln's Birthday" on your calendar could just as easily have said "Darwin's Birthday?" And even that it would say the same year? Something to chew on!