Times The Internet Called Animals Hot And Things Got Uncomfortable

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There are plenty of beautiful animals out there, but can animals be sexy? Yeah, to some people they can. The Internet has loved “hot animal photos” enough for them to become a full-blown trend. A gorilla has been called “too handsome,” and there's at least one person out there who wants to smell a studly horse.

These are some weird comments to make about animals, no doubt. But they don't only come from hot and bothered fanatics - scientists have also chimed in on the issue. For them, it's not a matter of looks so much as an issue of sexual activity. One amorous tortoise saved his species from extinction, while some sultry water fleas boast not one, but two "members."

Okay, regardless of where any of this is doing it for you, you're already here so you might as well check out the heart throbs that have set the animal kingdom on fire. 

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    Frederik The Great's Luscious Mane Melts The Internet's Heart

    Could Frederik The Great be the world's most handsome horse? His 12,500 followers on Facebook seem to think so. His mighty mane has even drawn comparisons to romance novel figures like Fabio. Considering that he commands a stud fee upwards of $5,000, it looks like he fits nicely into the role of leading man. One star-struck fan stated, “I wish I could just touch and smell him just once.” Here's to hoping dreams come true?

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    This 'Roo Of Steel Has A Heart Of Gold

    This 'Roo Of Steel Has A Heart Of Gold
    Video: YouTube

    Roger's chiseled biceps and forearms strike an imposing image. But according to Chris Barnes of The Kangaroo Sanctuary: Alice Springs, this 196-pound 'roo of steel is a “big softy.” Though the sanctuary's 300,000 followers probably aren't clicking for Roger's personality.

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    Shabani The Gorilla Takes Japan By Storm

    Shabani the gorilla doesn't just live in Nagoya's Higashiyama Zoo - he's taken up permanent residence in the hearts of many Japanese women. Described as being “too handsome” or “hot,” his brooding looks and bulging muscles have brought about a noticeable increase in female visitors to the zoo. And the Shabani love train continues to grow stronger as his admirers further hype him up on Twitter.

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    Super Diego's Super Libido Saves The Day

    Super Diego of the Galapagos Islands put his libido into hyper drive to save his species from extinction. Since he was brought back to the islands in 1976, he's fathered over 800 offspring. This means that two out of every five hooded tortoises are part of his brood.

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    A Cat That Is So Suave It Makes James Bond Blush

    A Cat That Is So Suave It Makes James Bond Blush
    Photo: squishicus / Imgur

    Social media is a great place to show off cute pet pics. But what about suave ones? When you have whiskers like these, it's impossible to be anything but debonair. Everything about this feline says “only for the grown and sexy.”

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    A Macho Man Kangaroo Is So Sexy It's Scary

    Jackson Vincent was walking his dog in Perth, Australia, when he stumbled on this behemoth in the Margaret River. At 6'5, this musclebound kangaroo has been referred to as a “big macho male.” Vincent even stated that the 'roo appeared to stick out his chest to be more intimidating. Vincent certainly doesn't want to challenge him to a boxing match, so it looks like the posturing worked.

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