People Caught Cheating On Facebook

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Innovations in modern technology have increased the average person’s access to information in ways that were unthinkable even 50 years ago. The internet now provides quick and easy access to knowledge on virtually every topic, from art and literature to science and tech, to billions of people every day. Unfortunately for some of the less morally upstanding among us, the rise of social media has also made many people's private lives a lot less private. So, it may come as no surprise that the number of people caught cheating on Facebook these days far outweighs the revelations achieved by even the stealthiest private eye. 

Here you'll find a tragic collection of not-so-stealthy cheaters who ended up revealing their infidelity to the world. From women who juggle lovers to cheating husbands caught in the act, prepare to meet a group of folks whose exes are probably better off without them.

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    Sound Advice

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    Rob Meets Revenge

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    Just Guessing This May Remain Unclaimed

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    The Overseas Deceiver

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    The Not So Private Message

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    The Sam Slam

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