Graveyard Shift People Share The Experiences That Convinced Them Ghosts Are Real  

Mick Jacobs
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In order for most people to believe in ghosts, they typically need to live through a convincing ghost story of their own. Plenty of people experience supernatural phenomena and become believers in the paranormal, and these experiences that made people believe in ghosts might even make a believer out of you. 

The believers of Reddit came through, sharing all sorts of real ghost stories that convinced people the supernatural is real. Though most spectre and poltergeist experiences tend to land somewhere between unsettling and utterly terrifying, a few people share ghosts stories of benign spirits from beyond the grave. It appears even the intentions of ghosts, much like the entities themselves, remain something outside the realms of human understanding.

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Shadows In The House

From Redditor /u/JustAnHallucination:

When I was around 12 my family and I moved into a new house. Money was tight so we were renting it. It was a fairly nice place and newly built, so I liked the sound of it.

We arrive to start unpacking. I step inside to check the place out but it just seems... off. I tell my mum and she tells me it's because it's a fairly new place and to get over it, so I do. On the first night, I'm sitting in what was supposed to be the dining room, playing games on my DS. I hear my little brother, who's around six, say 'Hey, guys.' When I look over, I see that all of the cupboards are open. Now, none of us could have reached the ones on top because they were way too high. My dad was the tallest at the time and he was 5'6". Somehow my sister manages to convince everyone that I am playing a prank, but I'm freaking the f*ck out, but I somehow manage to convince myself it was my sister trying to get me in trouble.

After a few days we all begin to notice weird things, like shadows moving past windows and our puppy barking at one specific corner of the house. The shed in the backyard is a no-go zone for everyone, even our puppy hates it. One Saturday morning we wake up early while our mum is taking our dad to work (He didn't drive. He got into an accident when he was 18 and refused to drive since). As my sister and I are watching cartoons, our little brother screams and runs to us crying, saying he saw a witch. We hide in our rooms and tell mum when she gets back. She asks my brother what he saw and he describes a black, shadowy figure, even though it was broad daylight. She obviously thinks it was the imagination of a kid and dismisses it. I'm scared sh*tless by all these weird things, and I ask my sister if I can sleep by her that night (she was doing karate so I felt safe by her). She agrees, but that night I wake up early. I look into the corner of the room and it's there. Just f*cking standing and staring. It scares the f*ck out of me and I run to my dad and he lets me sleep by him and mum. After three months we move the f*ck out.

Just a few months ago mum and I got to talking about that house and she told me that she thinks it was haunted. I asked her why and she said something that scared the f*ck out of me. 'I saw a black shadow in the corner of your room when you were a kid. It was just staring at you. I used to hide crosses in your room thinking it would scare it off.' After doing some research, mum found out that the owner's husband died in that house.

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The Ghost On The Property

From Redditor /u/pitpusher:

Significant other and I own an old farm for retirement. It's three miles off the blacktop down a winding, tree-lined dirt road. After rounding a curve you cross a small creek, and there just above flood line sits the tiny house, barn, and outbuildings. The house was built before 1900 and the original owners raised 11 children there without running water or electricity (spring out back). The family owned the property up until the '70s.

I was staying there alone shortly after we purchased the place because my mother (who lived near-by) was fresh out of the hospital and I was helping her get back on her feet. One afternoon I rushed into the house to get something before running back to Mom's. I was in a terrific hurry and not thinking about anything but the task at hand. I rounded a corner into the bedroom and was hit with a feeling of a presence. I instantly knew someone/something wanted my attention. My heart pounding in my ears I finally said, 'Whoever you are, as long as you aren't evil, please show me what you have to tell me but don't scare me... I gotta stay here alone. I will try to help you if I can.'

The image of the back porch step came to mind. I'd noticed it right after we closed on the property. It was a plain square stone with beveled edges - identical to the turn-of-the-century headstones in the lonesome graveyard one mile down the road.

Fast forward a week: the previous owner stopped by. Before he could sit down I blurted out, 'Is that a tombstone by the back porch?'

Color drained from his face and he collapsed onto the chair responding, 'Well, I don't know the exact spot but there is a baby buried in the backyard.'

Seemed the youngest child of the original family (the 12th) died at birth or shortly after. As was the tradition in the rural south the child was placed close to the home. This tombstone had always been there (nothing carved on it, just flat), and the then-owner decided it would make a great step and built a second door for the tiny back porch. He swore to me he'd never moved it.

We removed the second door and are making plans to have the family name and dates they lived here carved on the stone so that when we leave no one makes this mistake again. Next to it I planted daffodils to come up every year. The lights coming on and off in the house and at the same time in my truck parked outside has stopped and I no longer feel that presence that I believe was the baby's mother. She died in a nursing home many miles away and I fear she worried about her baby's unmarked grave.

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The Woman With No Legs

From Redditor /u/mynamesyow19:

My friend's aunt and uncle live in a 100-plus-year-old house in a little German neighborhood in our city. They have always sworn they have an elderly female ghost living in their home. But most of the family has never seen her so they kind of half-believed them, but never completely until last summer. They were having their kitchen re-modeled and had some guys doing the floors.

While I am hanging with my friend, she gets a call from her aunt. Her aunt, who is at work, asks my friend if she can go over to the house and check on them because the guys called and said something happened in the house and they wonn't go back in. My friend lives close and says sure she'll go over and check on them. So I go with her because it sounds odd/interesting.

We go over there and these two redneck-y guys, one older and one young guy, are sitting on the front porch both smoking cigarettes and looking a little shaky. My friend walks up introduces herself and asks them what's up. And the old guy nervously says that they were in the kitchen ripping up the floor and it got freezing cold (middle of the summer, mind you) and they both looked up to see this old woman standing in the kitchen staring at them very disapprovingly. They say she was kind of see-through and didn't have the bottom half of her legs. That's when they freaked out and ran out of the house. They tell my friend they won't go back in unless someone from the family was with them. The description they gave of the woman was exactly the way her aunt/uncle had always described her. Crazy.

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They Met Michael In A Dream

From Redditor /u/Hobbsgolbin123:

When I was a child, I always had bizarre dreams where I had a friend named Michael. He was a young boy a few years older than me, and we always played games and had fun. When I told my parents, they didn't seem to care too much until I described him. Unbeknownst to me, Michael had the same name and appearance as my uncle who died in a boating accident as a child. His death devastated my grandparents, and so my family never displayed photos of him. This freaked my mom out. How did I know what he looked and acted like if I'd never seen him?

After a couple weeks my family decided to light some candles and prayed in an attempt to exorcise him. When I went to bed that night I had a dream where a very serious Michael offered me some candy (it looked like a red jawbreaker). He kept insisting over and over that I eat a piece of candy. Seeing him so serious scared me after he'd always been so happy and playful, so I declined his offers. The last thing I remember before waking up was seeing how sad he was.

That was the last time I saw Michael. When I told my mom she looked relieved and told me that 'that was him trying to take over your body.' No one's talked about it in around 15 years so I'd have to ask my mom about the story again.

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