• Graveyard Shift

People Describe Creepy Things They've Seen That They Cannot Rationally Explain

If there's a strange creak in the middle of the night, usually it's just the house settling. That figure you saw lurking in the corner of your room? Just the shadows of the tree branches outside your window. The pair of eyes staring out from within your closet, and the growling you heard from somewhere in the dark... well, maybe there isn't an explanation for that one. These 18 Redditors similarly experienced the unexplainable, from possible ghostly encounters, visitations by humongous creatures, psychic phenomena, and eerie disappearances.  

  • The Woman Who Wasn't

    From Redditor /u/Kahzgul:

    I used to date a girl in college who lived three hours away. We would trade weekends - one at her school, one at my school. One day she got upset because she had driven all the way to see me and I was in an all-night study session (which she had known about) and couldn't be home to see her. She texted me that she was going back to her place and then I never heard anything from her ever again.

    After three days of texting her trying to make sure she was okay, the texts started coming back as "number not found." I sent her the stuff she'd left at my apartment in the mail and it returned as "no forwarding address." Her instant messenger account (which I never messaged, but knew the name of) disconnected. And it gets weirder. I called her apartment land line and was told the people who had lived there had moved out (she had three roommates) and didn't leave a number as to where they went. I got really freaked out and asked friends who worked in school admin to pull some strings, just to make sure she was alive. The school she was at didn't have any records of her as a student. The license plate to her car wasn't registered to anyone. None of our mutual friends ever saw her again. I called the police, but there were no car accidents involving anyone who fit her description in the stretch of road between our two schools that night, or in the two weeks after (I didn't ask for a longer time frame because at that point she was already missing). Cops wouldn't file a missing person because I wasn't a family member.

    To this day I have no idea what happened, why she freaked out on me so bad, or if she's still alive or in witness protection or was erased from all time by an evil wizard. She literally disappeared without a trace.

  • Dad's Not Downstairs

    From Redditor /u/ZayYarHtun:

    I live in a condominium and we own two apartments on the 7th and 8th floor. The only way to move in between them is to step out of the apartment, take the elevator or the staircase and enter the other one.

    One night, we ran out of ice cream upstairs and my mom told me to go get some from the downstairs freezer, so I took the keys to the 7th floor's apartment and since it was dinner time, no one was there. I walked into the pitch dark and realized that someone was sitting on the sofa so I flipped the switch to see my dad just sitting there. It was kinda weird, but I just went to get the ice cream and asked if he had a key to lock up. No answer. I shrugged and thought, "Well, if he came in and locked the door behind him, he must have one." 

    Went back upstairs and my dad was sitting there eating dinner. I freaked out and asked how the heck did he get up here so fast and everyone told me that he's been here all this time. Told them it wasn't possible cause I just saw him downstairs but no one believed me. Now I never go down there alone.

    Edit: To clear up some stuff, each of our apartment doors are fitted with three types of locks. There's a gate which has it's own keyhole and lock, we put another lock in it so you have to unlock this gate twice. Then there's the door and its own lock. So you need three keys just to enter our house if no one is inside. I did get a good look at and it was 100% my father, he's kinda fat and has this serious looking face so it's kinda hard to mistake him. The apartments are not accessible because not only are they not on the same floor, they aren't even located on top of each other. There's an elevator in between them AND they are on different floors. So there is no way for anyone to go up or down without first meeting at the elevator or the staircase.

  • A Light Turns On While There's No Power

    From a deleted Reddit account:

    I used to work doing maintenance at historic properties. There was a historic house museum I worked at when it wasn't open to the public. It was part of a whole landmark site, there was a visitor's center with offices and then the house was about half a mile up a dirt road in a wooded area. Sometimes I worked with a crew, but there were a lot of times I was there alone. One winter day, when it was really cloudy and dark, I was working alone to get ready to replace some electric work on the exterior of the house. I went inside and turned off the circuit to the whole property, and I tested it. It was off. I locked the doors and went outside to work. After about an hour, I got down from my ladder and started walking around the house and then one of the lights inside the house TURNED ON. I started to freak out, but thought that maybe someone was playing a joke on me... I called the visitor's center on my walkie-talkie, and confirmed that the only other person who was working that day was still there and hadn't left, and that all the keys to the house were present and accounted for. That's when I freaked out and ran the half mile up to the office. I made my coworker come back with me to check out what was going on, but when we got to the house, the light was off again - but the bulb was still warm. All the doors were still locked and the circuit was still off. Still gives me shivers to this day.

  • A Strange Creature At The Horse Ranch 

    From Redditor /u/Volcacius

    My family owns a decent sized horse boarding facility, and when we first had it going we used to do bed check as a family. Bed check is just making sure all the lights and fans were off as well as looking at the horses for injuries and if they had blankets during the winter. Well we had just got back from eating out and it was a moonless night during fall. As we stepped out of the truck this large light gray mass stood up and took off loping towards our pastures. It was about the size of a single cab pick up truck. It made no noises other than it hitting the ground as it ran. The only other proof that it was real to us was the horses that were turned out that night screamed and stampeded across the pasture it had jumped into. We did a double count of all the horses that night and not a single one was missing. I still have yet to see it again, and I hope I never do, or at least there is some explanation for it.