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18 People Describe Their Creepiest Stories Of Places That Shouldn’t Exist

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Life presents people with all sorts of unexplained phenomena. In the following compilation of Reddit stories, people describe places that disappeared, putting the mysteries of the universe on full display. Many of these experiences happened during hikes in remote stretches of forest or in isolated locations along largely untraveled roadsides, but a few of them occurred in surprising places - including the heart of New York City.

If nothing else, these stories prove that people don't have everything figured out just yet, and there are still riddles to ponder that make this life even more confounding and beautiful. And, in some cases, really scary. Let's take a deep dive into Reddit narratives about creepy locations that vanished.

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    The Land Of The Dancing Man

    From Redditor /u/Sterling_-_Archer:

    I was relocating across Texas and, as I normally do, was driving through the night to skip traffic and because it’s more serene that way. I was driving straight through central Texas going northwest, so seeing the hill country change to desert in the full moon was super cool. Anyways, I was driving with my (now ex) wife and we were running low on gas. Luckily, we were pulling into a tiny no-name town, and we could see an old gas station come around the bend. This encounter happened at about 2 am.

    Now, this town only has one road, and this station was right at the edge of town at the end of it. When I say old, I mean very old; the type that you have no option of prepaying, you simply flip up the handle on the machine, and you hear the pump inside start struggling to get the gas from the reservoir. It had the old-style tick readers too, not a thing electrical on it.

    I, being the young man I was, had never seen one before, so I walked into the store to buy the gas before I pumped. The store only had one light on in the far back, and I almost thought it was closed since it was barely brighter inside than it was out in the moonlight. Upon entering, I saw the place was deserted; no customers, no workers, nothing. However, there was an odd tune playing on someone’s radio that I couldn’t place. An old-sounding, upbeat piano piece was playing somewhere around the corner inside, and I heard shuffling once I walked closer to the source.

    This place made me feel scared. Not the “woah this is creepy” scared, but the “all hairs are on end, something is seriously wrong here but I can’t figure it out” scared. As I turned the corner, I saw a young man standing next to a large radio and... dancing. His dancing, though, was extremely off-putting and seriously didn’t match the tune at all.

    Though the radio was cranking out what sounded like ragtime, this guy was running his hands up and down his body and pretty much “feeling himself” with his eyes closed in what looked like bliss. He was going far slower than the music and definitely wasn’t on tempo. For some reason, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even move. I was in a trance as every part of me screamed to turn and leave.

    Finally, I said, “Excuse me, I just need some gas.”

    The guy kept dancing.

    I said it a little louder, and he finally slowed down a bit, opened his eyes, and focused on me. But it was like he was looking at a finely cooked steak. He was looking almost through me, and he silently walked to the register, not saying anything. I said, “Uh, just $20 please.” He, again, didn’t say anything and just stood behind the ancient register, so I just figured maybe he didn’t speak the language or was embarrassed I caught him dancing, so I laid the money on the counter and went outside hoping he’d turn on the pump.

    I filled up, told my wife about the weird-ass scene in there, and turned off the pump.

    Weird thing is, when we were leaving, I looked back in the window, and the guy was still standing there behind the counter. This may sound fine, but my money was still on the counter in front of him. It was like he was a robot who just turned off once I left.

    This is where it gets super weird:

    A couple months later, I was driving back to San Antonio to visit family, and we figured we’d stop at that old gas station to see it in the daytime, since it had become somewhat of a running joke between us. We pulled into this tiny town, and... the thing was gone. The lot it sat on at the end of the road wasn’t even there. It was just grass. No rubble, no old pump, no lighting, nothing. It was like somebody picked it up and moved it. It looked like nothing had been there for years.

    Still get freaked out thinking about it.

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    A Photo-Filled Shack In The Woods

    From Redditor /u/BattingElk5713:

    Once I was walking through the woods with a friend of mine, and we were just messing around, telling jokes, and climbing on trees. After about a half a mile out, we found a small shed. We had no idea who owned it so ... we went inside. It was pretty dark, since it was under a couple of huge trees and also early in the morning, so we had to turn on the lights on our phones.

    When we could see, we found a huge collection of pictures, all seemingly having no context. Some pictures of people, some of animals, and some of places. The pictures were from all around the world, too. There were even pictures of the Colosseum and the Great Pyramid. They were all stuck on the wall with one piece of duct tape. But then we started to notice some weirder photos. We saw a photo of Eric Harris (the one from the security camera in the lunchroom) and one of a naked man with a bull hat on.

    Then we noticed in the corner of the shack was a camera that most likely shot most of these pictures. We didn't want to steal anything so we left. We told a couple of friends, and they were interested, and we went back to the shack with them. But instead of finding the shack, we found a chair exactly where the shack was. There was a picture of the shack on the chair, and that's all we could find. I never found out who owned the shack and where it went.

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    An Abandoned Town That Disappeared

    From Redditor /u/wyckoffh1:

    I was going for a drive around my hometown, and I decided to turn into a road I didn’t recognize. This stood out to me, because I live in a small town, and I know its layout by heart. As I followed this winding road, the New England forest thinned, leading to a hilly area. The hills stretched as far as I could see. On top of each hill was a small house, which were all identical. There were no lights in the windows, no cars in the driveways. No trees. Only dead grass and empty houses. After about 10 minutes, I passed a woman walking her dog. She looked at me like she had seen a ghost, as if she was in total shock that someone had driven by her. I kept driving. The air smelled weird. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was kind of metallic. I drove for another 20 minutes, and eventually saw a road leading to patch of woods, and I followed it. I emerged from where I had entered, and got back onto the roads I was used to.

    I have never found that road again, or those houses and hills. I have looked on Google Maps, and searched the area in person, but I have never found anything. The area that I had entered was a marshy forest, with no roads leading in or out, and it was nowhere near large enough to conceal the vast area that I had driven through. To this day, I am bothered by it.

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    The Canadian Blair Witch

    From Redditor /u/tattoovamp:

    20-some-odd years ago, I took my kids and parents on a driving trip through the eastern coast of Canada.

    My dad (who was currently driving) decided to take this "short cut" off the main highway down a dirt road.

    About five minutes down this road, things go eerily quiet. We should be able to hear birds, the trees rustling, cicadas, yet we hear nothing. It was too quiet. Dad starts slowing down.

    I am busy looking at the map. I know where we turned off, and there was no designated road on our map. I’m worried that I can’t find it.

    I look up from the map as I have realized nobody is talking. Everyone is looking out their windows. There are little stick people and stick designs hanging from the trees. Some are just shapes and others are more intricately made. Dangling, swaying slowly.

    Between this and the fact that it was dead quiet, I made an instant decision and told Dad to turn around and leave as quickly as possible.

    I felt a huge pressure in my ears, like they needed to be popped. Mom had goosebumps, and my dad said we were just being silly. He obliged and got us out of there.

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