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25 People Describe the Creepiest Person They Ever Met 

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Ever met someone that just gave you the absolute creeps? A person who cannot help behaving in ways even the weirdest of us find unsettling? These 25 Reddit users recount creeper stories that are likely familiar to most people - with a few tales that are so outlandish, they have to be true.
Mike the Coffeehouse Guy

"I knew a guy named Mike who ran a coffeehouse. It was a pretty hip place, kinda beatnik, live music, poetry readings, open mic nights. But something about him was just a little bit off. He stared at you too long when making eye contact, girls all hated him and were completely creeped out by him. He had long hair, a beard, and drove a van. Just kinda generally creepy.  

"His favorite jokes were of the 'Whatcha doing later, Mike?' 'Cutting up hookers and shoving them in dumpsters' vein of humor. 

"After about a year, he sold the coffeehouse to a friend, and I ended up managing it. Business picked up pretty quick after word got out that Mike wasn't around anymore. The place was really starting to turn a profit, everything was going great. Then he started hanging out every now and then, and being extra creepy. Leering at teenage girls, and just kinda being generally inappropriate. I asked him not to come back, and it got kinda ugly.  

"Fast forward about four years, and I'm sitting on my couch, watching TV. The local news comes on, and his face pops up on screen. He had been arrested for raping and torturing three separate women. He was found behind a shopping center with a woman shackled in the back of his van, and he had been driving around all night tazering and raping her. He's currently serving three consecutive life sentences."

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Amateur Photographer
"A guy I briefly dated in high school. At first I thought he was awkward and charming. But then I visited his bedroom and there were pictures of me sleeping attached to his ceiling."
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Shane the Creep, and Bonus Brother Creep

"I was 13, hanging out with my friends all day, every day. At some point, this guy started hanging out with us. I don't know who he was friends with first, or where he came from - one day he was just there. His name was Shane. Shane looked a lot like David Schwimmer...if David Schwimmer had more acne than bare skin... and was the product of generations of inbreeding. Shane said he was 16. Shane started hitting on me pretty heavily. It got to the point where I couldn't hang out with my friends, because he was constantly there, and constantly saying gross things to me (telling dirty jokes about himself or describing himself sexually). What's worse, my friends kept trying to get me to accept his advances, because it wasn't like anyone else was interested in me :("

Then he became friends with my brother, and would come over to our apartment frequently. One night, I came home to find him sitting on our couch next to my mom. She said he'd said he was a friend of mine, and she was showing him baby pictures of me, class projects, etc. 

So... it actually just stopped about as suddenly as it started. He just disappeared one day. That is when I found out that when he would be in our apartment with my brother, he would mostly ask my brother about me, and my brother frequently let him into my room. He went through all my papers, looking for some mention of him, apparently. He also broke into a locked book he thought was a diary. 

Also, he was not actually 16. He told my brother he was 19. Right before he left, he changed the number again - to 26.

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Unnerving Co-Worker

"A creepy guy who works at my local Walmart was sitting and talking to me one day (I worked there too, at the time). He felt the need to confide in me that at one point in his youth he went to the house of his crush, crawled in her open window, and hid under her bed before she came home for the night. He stayed there until she came home, changed, and had fallen asleep. He just slipped right back out the window and into the night. 

"My box spring has been on the floor ever since."

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"My former roommate (28 year old DJ) had a best friend (male, late 50's) who went by the name 'Lobo'. I thought it odd that his best friend was so much older, but never really thought about why or how he got that name. Unfortunately, I found out when all kinds of creepy stuff started happening around the house. I'm talking real-life creepy here. Shadows and floating orb-like things would appear and disappear; uneasy feelings when walking by a particular bedroom door; my five year-old suddenly started having night-terrors; friends would stop talking and get creeped out whenever Lobo walked in the house, whether we actually saw him or not. Roommate would tell me things like he and Lobo would go out into the woods at night and burn things, like idols, to the one they worshipped. When he asked me one night if I'd ever read this certain book, I said, 'No'. So he got it for me to read when I had time. It was a black Satanic Bible. Those two could do weird things to people. I had a bad burn once from a popcorn popper on my arm. He asked about it, touched it, and within hours it was healed up. No scar. He finally freaked me the fuck out so bad I had to leave. I didn't tell him where I moved to. Four weeks after I'd moved in, I came home from work to find them sitting in my driveway. 'Just visiting,' they said."
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A Real Twisted Charmer

"I was hanging out with this boy for a bit, but then I realized he was crazy and not all there. (We were friends, before.)

"After a few months of hanging out with him, only slightly romantic, he started talking shit to me about the people I hung out with. So I stopped hanging out with him. I ignore him when he tries to talk to me and he stops. I did give him two more chances, because I did like him as a person, but those didn't last. He talked too much shit and never listened to me. Then I find out he went to rehab for me, because he thought he pushed me away by being an alcoholic. 

"He comes back, thinking I'll be with him, now. I explain to him nicely that I'm seeing someone. He seems to understand, but then, one night, starts sending me awful texts about how I'm a cunt and how I ruined him. I'd always only been nice and never led him on.  

"He blamed me for making him break his sobriety for the first time in two months. After that, he started calling me and texting me all the time. He'd call me 30 times a day, sometimes ten times in a row. He'd fill up my text inbox every day. He also texted my sister, as well. He'd send me creepy messages trying to show how well he knew me, because I think he thought it was endearing. Like 'Cute ass Violentlyshy mc-toast face with her cute little red shoesies.'(I like toast and wear red shoes?) And 'love you and your cute lil pointy shoes!' And then really awful messages like 'FUCK YOU I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE' and threatening to kick the ass of every boy I knew. And just a lot of weird creepy messages. I asked him so many times to stop bothering me and my sister, but he'd be like, 'I'll never stop until you give me a chance.' I told him that him being insane when I was only ever civil is a HUGE indicator that I'd not be able to be with him. 

"I finally had to pretend to delete my number (found a soundclip for disconnected service and recorded it as my voicemail and would just forward it whenever he called.) Then he started harassing my little sister, telling her how perfect I was and when she started being mean to him because he wouldn't leave her alone, *he said he hoped she got raped by 40 men.*

"He also emailed me all the time, and it was just insane how he could not understand how crazy he was. He even had a girlfriend and she knew about me, and tolerated him calling and texting me all the time. He found out I was going to a bar with some friends and showed up with her. They just sat in a corner, necking the whole time. But later texted my sister, 'Violentlyshy looked beautiful tonight.' And I tried telling his girlfriend to warn her, and she said, 'Duh. I was there when he texted that.'"

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Real-Life Gorton's Fisherman
"When I was 12, my mom took me to San Francisco for a day. We were on some pier, and my mom left me alone as she went to the bathroom. A homeless man who looked exactly like the Gorton's Fisherman walked up to me with a bottle in hand. He gruffly grumbled, 'Eh, you're a little old for me, but you'll do...'"
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Predator on the Loose

"I was working retail and was approached by a very creepy customer. He just had this strange look, and wanted to be really close to me when he talked. I guess you could say I was lost in his eyes, but not in a good way. 

"Nothing happened. I helped him find what he was looking for, and he was on his way. I just remember the encounter because something felt very off about him. 

"That night on the news they did one of those announcements: 'A sexual predator has been release from prison and is in the area. Here is his photograph.' Same guy."

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The Creeper IT Guy

"One of my best friend's roommates

"He went and set up a computer at this girl's house and somehow set up her webcam so he could see through it whenever it was on. 

"Apparently, he has video of her from when she was webcamming with her boyfriend.  

"Creepy as fuck if you ask me."

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Creepy Crow

"When I was in middle school my friends and I were really into Dance Dance Revolution, so we'd go to the arcade two to three times a week. This creepy, dirty-looking guy in a leather jacket started talking to some of us, and asked us about the game and whatnot, and we would see him at the arcade a lot. He told us to call him Crow, although no one even wanted to talk to him, so we christened him Creepy Crow. He somehow learned all of our names and repeatedly tried to hang out with us, despite the fact that he was probably in his mid to late thirties. This went on for probably about a month. 

"We eventually heard that he was banned from the place for exposing himself to some younger kids on the mini golf course."

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Mom's Friend

"When I was about 9 or 10, I was at a friend's house for a sleep-over birthday party. There was a guy there that was friends with her mom, he was probably about 40 and pretty rough-looking. He kept singling me out and talking to me, asking where I lived, what I liked to do, real predator type shit. I said that he was making me uncomfortable but the mom said he was just teasing me. It seriously creeped me out.  

"I ended up calling my mom to come get me so I wouldn't have to sleep there."

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Horror Movie Lady

"In Miami at about 2 AM, walking back to the hotel, I spot a homeless woman holding a pair of scissors and cutting the hair of a small plastic toy doll (like a Barbie, but bigger). She was singing some kind of lullaby, completely entranced by the doll, when she started laughing and cutting the doll's head off. She had this kind of shrieking laughter mixed with crying, something out of a horror movie. 

"Then she looked up and stared me straight in the eyes, her hands still cutting the doll's head and body. I was freaked the fuck out. If it wasn't for the alcohol in me, I probably would have peed myself."

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Possibly Van Helsing?

"Not a single person has believed this story, but I swear on my life that it is true.

"A buddy and I were playing a large game of chess and enjoying some brew last fall at Balmer's hostel in Interlaken, Switzerland. About half way through our game, a man dressed in what looked like exquisitely hand-made and heavy black everything (boots, pants, shirt, trench coat, hat) with greasy, wavy, shoulder-length, jet black hair and beard sat down in a chair nearby, facing the board.

"Once in a while he would make a sort of 'hmm... interesting, I am amused' sound under his breath after a move. We attempted introducing ourselves to him several times, but he did not look away from the board and did not say a clearly intelligible word. Before we finished the game, he stood up and quickly left.

"That night, we were in the hostel's bar, which was underground and had a unique vibe. Almost like it had been a dungeon prior, but now had 2-for-1 drink specials of the local brew for several hours every night.

"It was around midnight when we both went out into the courtyard (near where the chess board was) and sat down at a table under an awning. It was raining. 

"From the shadows on the far side of the courtyard, the same man walks confidently up to us and sits down. He was completely dry and had an indescribable, but not unpleasant scent about him. He begins regaling his tale in a low tone that was barely audible above the sound of rain falling on the cedar roof above us.

"I do have to paraphrase, as I had a nice buzz going, but remember the gist of his story. He was from a small country, not far from Switzerland, that no longer exists. He and his family had survived for 'millennia' there before being driven out. By Vampires. 

"He said he came from a line of infamous slayers who held back the vampire onslaught, but just barely. In the mountains of his home country, his family did battle against the vampires, intentionally provoking their ire to hold their focus, sparing the world at large.

"He went on to say that after the latest battle, their fortress had been over-run. He was in the field, keeping an eye on one vampire in particular that they believed to be top-ranking. After the defenses fell, the vampire he had been watching began to flee. Our new friend had been following him for two months.

"At this point, my buddy and I were moments away from calling his bluff. I started to say, 'Really...' in that condescending, 'you are full of shit' way that people do, when he hushed me and turned his head, obviously in attempt to hear something. We heard only the rain. He then grabbed my arm. His hand was ice cold. He looked into my very soul and said, 'Get up. Get inside. Now.' That moment is still burned into my mind as the single most horrifying of my life. Words cannot describe the intensity and sincerity behind his words and expression. Before I could even think another thought, he stood, pulled a shotgun from beneath his trench coat and ran silently around the building to the locker area, which has only one entrance.  

"I sat there frozen, mouth agape, while my friend stood and followed him. But he was already gone."

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Creepy Principal and Creepier Hockey Fan

"Two stories, one creepy to me and one creepy to other people.  

"The first one happened at my old high school. I was walking down the hall when my principal just randomly reaches out and touches my stomach. Really really low on my stomach, like he had been reaching for my junk and missed. This is the same guy who "accidentally" grabbed one of my friend's tits. 

"Second story happened at the Red Wings VS Predators game a couple weeks ago. Game's almost over, when a super creepy guy (bald, glasses, pedo-stache) sits in front of us and just starts leering at this little girl a couple rows over. I mean, he literally never stops looking at her. For like ten minutes, he's just staring her down. Creepiest fucking thing I've ever seen."

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Hitchhiking Murder Suspect

"I was driving with my girlfriend to a Tempe Imporv show and we spotted a truck broken down under the 202 and 101 interchange. There was a guy walking about 100 meters beyond the truck with a gas can. I asked if we could do a good deed and give this unfortunate guy a ride to a gas station. She said yes so, I pulled over and backed up on the shoulder and asked if he needed a ride. The rest of this story takes place over about 4 minutes. 

"He gets in the backseat of the car and we take off. He says he is having a really bad day. My girlfriend says, 'Well, it could be worse, at least you have a ride to the gas station.' He replies that she doesn't know the half of it. Earlier that day, he found out his girlfriend had been murdered. Then he started to talk about being laid off and he was just trying to get to Denver because he had a job opportunity there. My girlfriend exclaimed, 'Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about your girlfriend, what happened?' He said that the police really didn't tell him much because he was a suspect. At this point I grabbed my 1911 in the door pocket and held it in my left hand. It got very quiet in the car as we exited the freeway about two miles from where we picked him up. I drove a block to the nearest gas station and let him out. He immediately started looking around at other people at the gas station. The only thing I could think of is that he was looking for people to ask for money for gas. As soon as the door closed I sped off. It was super creepy."

Creepy or not?
Just Plain WTF? Co-Worker

"A man I work with.  

"He follows me around. Goes into the break room while I am taking my lunch and just stares at me. He brings a child that is in no way related to him to work. He foams at the mouth and drools. He has one black tooth.  

"And I'm not making any of this up."

Creepy or not?
Santa Claus?

"Roughly 2AM on the 5 train in Brooklyn. The subway car is completely empty except for me and a completely naked, rail-thin, bearded ginger guy with five enormous garbage bags full of stuffed animals.  

"I didn't wait around long enough to meet him."

Creepy or not?
Stalker Ex-Boyfriend

"I was thinking about this earlier and my answer would have to be my housemate's ex. She moved into my house after breaking up with him. 

"For months after that, he'd try to stop by unannounced, evidently functioning under the delusion that they were still dating. She tried to remain civil with him at first, but he slowly went off the deep end.  

"I think the breaking point was when he left the full length mirror adorned with bizarre Post-It notes on the deck when no one was home. I recall one saying that she was his little chicken bacon ranch pizza.  

"He also kept calling her mom since she has dementia and would forget her daughter was no longer dating him. 

"To make an already long story short, he ended up stealing a grand from her bank account (change your passwords after you break up!) and sending an e-mail to her current boyfriend threatening to set his house on fire. Thankfully, the police got on the case and he finally got the hint. Hopefully some jail time to boot."

Creepy or not?
The Creepy Teethstalker

"So, this guy on a site contacts me, and we get to talking. I mention that I'd had a dentist's appointment earlier that day, and he got really interested. Creepy interested. He wanted me to take a picture of my teeth (he said he wanted to see what fillings looked like). I humored him, and then he started asking for more pictures, at specific angles. 

"I pretty much stopped responding at that point, but for a good YEAR AND A HALF after, this guy would send me a message every few weeks asking how come I didn't talk to him any more - and mind you, we only had one conversation. 

"My friends refer to him as the creepy teethstalker."

Creepy or not?
Josh the Lech

"I went to college with a guy named Josh. He was a total creep - complete lack of social skills, understanding of personal boundaries, or personal hygiene. He made enough creepy passes at girls in my year that he earned the nickname Josh the Lech. 

"Eventually I got friendly with some people from a different year. One day, some of them were telling a story about this sketchy guy following a girl home despite her obvious disinterest. 'Josh the Lech?' I guessed. 'Molester Josh,' was the reply."

Creepy or not?
Mad Maurice

"An old guy who would frequent the bars in my home town of Derry. He had the nickname 'Mad Maurice', so you can probably see where this is going. 

"He looked like a normal, late-50s, past-his-prime guy who had nothing better to do with his time than to sit in bars all day sipping a few pints and placing a few bets. Except that he had a permanent grin on his face and deliberate boss eyes. 

"The problem with Mad Maurice is that he would occasionally approach people and do very odd or aggressive things. He would approach groups of young people on a night out and say he had damaged their car brakes because he wanted them dead. Sometimes he would scream obscenities at bar staff for no reason. Most creepily he would somtimes stand or sit close to a group and listen to their conversation - he wouldn't try to hide it. If asked to mind his own business, he would complain and say he had every right to listen. If people went quiet on him, he would ask them to speak up. 

"My most direct encounter with Maurice was around the time my mother had her bad stroke. A few weeks had passed and my best mate dragged me out for a few drinks to try and cheer me up. I wasn't really in a fun mood that night and I was more drowning my sorrows than getting cheered up. Maurice had been listening in (we hadn't noticed) and when he got up to leave, he came up to me and shouted in my ear, "YOU ARE TALKING SHIT. SHE FUCKING DESERVED WHAT SHE GOT," and left. It took my mate and three barstaff to stop me from chasing after him.  

"That encounter was fairly typical of Mad Maurice encounters with people in Derry. I think he's barred from most pubs by now."

Creepy or not?
Die-Hard Meatloaf Fan

"Definitely this ratty little Meatloaf fanboy at my last college. It was such a small college (1000 people) that most people were FaceBook friends, or were only separated by one degree. He would lurk on FB for any girl who had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and he would be at her room in under 30 minutes. One of my friends staged a fake break-up, and actually timed him with a stop watch. 

"He glommed onto me after we met at a frat party. Unbelievably, he was in a frat, and I was dating one of his brothers, who revealed to fanboy that I, too, liked Meatloaf. So he would follow me around, telling me obscure trivia facts and asking me if I wanted to watch Meatloaf DVDs with him. 

"I eventually broke up with his frat brother and became really reclusive for a whole school year. Being a ninja was the only way to avoid him."

Creepy or not?
Boy on the Bus

"When I rode the bus the school a few years ago some annoying boy sat in my seat. I asked him to move and he seemed pretty pissed. 

"His friend on the seat in front of mine is about 6"4, wears black coats, and is this muscular black guy with super long fingernails. He turns around, frowns at me and goes, 'People who don't share... get murdered.'

"Ever since that day I've shared everything..

"Nah, not really. But I still will never forget."

Creepy or not?
Strange Homeless Man
"My friends and I were on the subway and a homeless man came and sat across from us. He had a bottle of vodka and a cup full of change. He looked at my blonde friend and said, 'You have pretty hair, you must be a viking.' He then put the cup of change to his lips, tilted it back, coughed/choked a little, and said, 'What goes in must come out!'"
Creepy or not?
Todd the Comic Book Guy

"On my birthday, my friend took me to a local comic book store to buy me the first few issues of Scott Pilgrim; he had read them and thought I might enjoy them too. When we walked down the dingy concrete staircase into the musty, messy dungeon that was the store, we were greeted by a tall, thin, wispy man with long gray hair. He stood behind a table covered in random comic books. My friend introduces me to the man, and proceeds to tell him it's my birthday. He get's a look of excitement on his face and runs over to the computer behind the cash register, and puts on the birthday song from the children's show 'Bananas in Pajamas.' He sings along to the song while staring into my eyes, unblinkingly. He waited until the song was finished, and then let us pay for the books, and gave me a free comic-related magazine from quite a while ago (it had a big thing about the Watchmen movie in it). We left, and my friend apologized for Todd. 

"I'll never forget that cold stare."

Creepy or not?