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People Discuss The Worst Hangovers They Have Had

Updated November 27, 2018 7.2k views17 items

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Let’s face it. If you’ve ever drank alcohol, chances are you've overdone it at least once and had to suffer the consequences of a next-day hangover. Despite the endless headaches, nausea, and vomiting, people tend to forget about a hangover as soon as it has subsided; after that, they usually go back to drinking knowing another horrendous hangover is a distinct possibility.

However, Redditors have come forth with terrible hangover stories that might make you think twice about drinking too much on your next night out. We've all heard legend of two day hangovers, but what happens when you black out on the last outbound train for the night and wake up in a different town?

The worst hangover stories wreak of cheap booze and bad decisions; they'll make you recall with pride the time you pounded back too much Everclear and lost it in an underpass. It could have been so much worse. 

  • Birthday Celebrations Can Get Out Of Hand

    From Redditor u/BoredMachinist:

    Woke up in my bed naked. No sheets or covers. Went to the bathroom, saw my face, covered in blood and vomit. I had apparently vomited in my bed, fallen face first to the floor, thrown up some more (by the look of it) and ripped my sheets and covers down to the floor, crawled back to bed. I spent the next day too sick to even move my eyes and kept vomiting all day. It was my 18th birthday.

  • Going To Work After A Party

    From Redditor u/caca_milis_:

    House party, friend kept topping up my drink so I wasn't really aware of how much I was drinking. Was super drunk.

    Had to go to work at my retail job the following afternoon, I was living at home at the time and of course my mum wouldn't listen when I said I really didn't want to eat anything "You can't go to work on an empty stomach,” she gave me crackers and one of those yogurt drink things.

    It took every fiber of my being to not throw up on the bus on the way into my job. I've never concentrated so hard on anything in my life. My work was about two minutes from the bus stop. I just made it to the staff entrance before throwing up. Twice. Some passers by gave me some tissues, they thought I was just sick.

    I got into work and asked my best friend there for some gum, I told him I'd thrown up. He was manager-in-training and the store was having some kind of celebration, so instead of having to be around the loud music, kids and balloons, he sent me to the street where I could be in fresh air and hand out fliers to let people know about the celebrations.

  • Flying Is Already Uncomfortable, But A Hangover Makes It Even Worse

    From Redditor u/youaskedreddit:

    Three to four hour flight from Romania to Heathrow on a packed plane hot enough to fry chicken nuggets.

  • Bad Hangovers Can Make You Trip Out

    From Redditor u/tommyjoe2:

    I once had a hangover so bad that I was having closed eye hallucinations. Any time I closed my eyes, I would see people, figures of my friends and roommates walking around, waving, or standing still. It was so creepy and impossible to ignore that I couldn't sleep right for three days. That, along with the general headache and upset stomach, made for the worst hangover I've ever had.