People Describe The Weirdest Teacher They Ever Had  

Samantha Dillinger
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Hooray for teachers: smart, inspiring, hardworking, creative, energetic, passionate, thoughtful... and sometimes a little quirky. Or a LOT quirky. You've likely had one: the instructor who was a little on the wacky side, maybe with an unusual way of teaching or disciplining, or who went off on tangents about things like John Lithgow or cows. 

People on Reddit were eager to share tales of their zaniest instructors, from the elementary school teacher who used Barbies as a teaching tool, to the college professor who did a bizarre thing with banana peels.

In most cases, people liked these teachers and learned from them - and sometimes the person was not only their weirdest teacher, but also their favorite teacher. 

He Had A Strange Plant-Watering Technique

From Redditor /u/Skeeders:

I had a science teacher who seemed a bit oblivious to social conventions.

He sweat a lot, and would take off his shirt in front of everyone and wring it out onto a plant he had on a desk.

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He Brought Ice Every Day Into The Classroom To Hear It Melt

From a former Redditor:

[In] high school, one teacher always brought a bag of ice with him in the morning, dumped it in an ice chest, and left it there in his classroom. He did this every morning all the years he worked there.

One day a kid asked him why he did that, and his response was, "I love the sound of melting ice," and that was the end of that. We learned geometry and as far as I know he still does this.

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He Was Bananas About Peels

From Redditor /u/mrisah:

I had a professor in university (Philosophy, I think? History, maybe?)... At random moments during the lecture he'd wipe his face with banana peel. He never had a banana, just the peel.

I always wondered if he kept a stash of banana peels in his briefcase to amuse his students, or if he did it for other reasons. He never explained it, just wiped his face, threw it out and continued as if it was a social norm. So strange. Awesome prof though.

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He Was Super Into Cows

From a former Redditor:

This one teacher used to be obsessed with cows. He would just be loud nonstop, had pictures of cows everywhere, wore cow sweaters, told ridiculous stories..., loved to play Sugarland really loud, and even thought watching a webcam in Amsterdam during finals, then yelling about it, was appropriate.

He was a very strange, cow mask-wearing, and confused man.

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