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6 Times People Were Actually Killed In Halloween Attractions

We've all gone into those cheesy carnival haunted houses. The kinds of places where there's maybe a strobe light flickering on a plastic skeleton or a spooky-looking clown that creeps you out. These are just Halloween attractions: fun scares meant to get you in the spirit of the holiday; dumb rides where parents dutifully remind their children that "it's not real" and "it can't hurt you."

This list explores incidents where people got much more than a scare. Let's take a look at some occasions where fake Halloween attractions killed real people.

  • A Haunted Hayride Led To Vehicular Homicide

    On Halloween night in 2016, in the small town of Chunky, MS, a haunted hayride ended in a fatal disaster.

    The modest ride, holding just 10 guests, was moving along the rural Mississippi countryside when tragedy struck - a large Ford F-150 pick-up truck collided with the trailer carrying the people. Three passengers were tragically killed and the rest were injured.

  • A Man Was Electrocuted At Disneyland's Phantom Manor

    Phantom Manor, a popular haunted house ride at Disneyland Paris, is designed to offer its guests a frightful but harmlessly fun experience. It's a heavily visited mystery-based amusement ride at the park.

    In April 2016, however, Disney cast and crew members made a grisly discovery at Phantom Manor. A 45-year-old technician (name not released) was found electrocuted to death. Disney closed the ride allowing the police to perform a proper investigation.