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People Share Their Wildest Stories Of Getting Cut Off In Bars, And It's Chaos

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There are plenty of people who (normally) drink responsibly at weekend parties and bar crawls with friends that will surpass their limits at least once in their lives. Accidents happen, excitement gets the best of everyone, and next thing they know - oops - they're cutoff! The bartender is closing the tab and calling a cab. 

It can be embarrassing, but those who share their stories below managed to find some humor in the moment, and, at the very least, got a great story to tell out of it!

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    Passing The Vibe Check, But Failing The Sobriety Check

    From Redditor u/MamaCalc:

    I was out drinking with a friend and we had too much. Our waiter was a rotund guy, and funny as hell all night. Finally, he sat down next to my friend and asked if she thought he was handsome. She was polite and said, "of course!" To which he replied, "You're cut off." We paid, and also gave him a 40% tip and called for a taxi. Awesome night.

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    Understandable, Have A Nice Day

    From Redditor u/chickenforker:

    Was a regular at a local bar. I once sat there for eight hours and drank the whole time. It was a marathon session. When he finally cut me off, I whined to the bartender: "You've never cut me off before." His response: "You've never spent eight hours at my bar before." Even as drunk as I was, I couldn't argue with that logic.

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    That Is A Surprise!

    From Redditor u/BenignEvil:

    When I was in Mexico, I told the bartender to "surprise me." He gave me a bottle of water.

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    The Musician

    From Redditor u/iTCHed:

    I once got cut off because I stole the bartender's air guitar and wouldn't give it back. I think I still have it somewhere, but I've misplaced it and can't find it.

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