People Share Their Wildest Stories Of Getting Cut Off In Bars, And It's Chaos

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There are plenty of people who (normally) drink responsibly at weekend parties and bar crawls with friends that will surpass their limits at least once in their lives. Accidents happen, excitement gets the best of everyone, and next thing they know - oops - they're cutoff! The bartender is closing the tab and calling a cab. 

It can be embarrassing, but those who share their stories below managed to find some humor in the moment, and, at the very least, got a great story to tell out of it!

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    Understandable, Have A Nice Day

    From Redditor u/chickenforker:

    Was a regular at a local bar. I once sat there for eight hours and drank the whole time. It was a marathon session. When he finally cut me off, I whined to the bartender: "You've never cut me off before." His response: "You've never spent eight hours at my bar before." Even as drunk as I was, I couldn't argue with that logic.

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    A Cutoff He Can't Refuse

    From Redditor u/RawrImABigScaryBear:

    I'm in Vegas, playing poker at MGM. I tell the bartender to bring me two drinks every time she comes out, drop one off to me first, and I'll finish it before she brings me the second. I tip well, this works, and I get very drunk very fast. I'm normally a pretty good card player, but for some reason, on this day, I could do no wrong. I swear I won a pot once when I had one of my hole cards wrong.

    So I'm drunk, young, cocky, and begin talking sh*t. Like, a LOT of sh*t, to all the other players. Eventually, a pit boss comes over quickly grabs me, makes me pick up my chips and has me walked out. When I ask why, he explains to me that one of the people I was taunting at the table was not the kind of guy you want to do that to, and that I was pretty close to getting into a lot more trouble than I could handle.

    TL;DR: Kicked out of a casino at 6pm in Vegas, probably had my life saved.

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    That's Entrapment!

    From Redditor u/ENT-4-LIFE:

    One of my local bars was having a "end of the season/drink the bar dry" kind of deal. It was deadly. Like $4 pitchers deadly.

    Anyway, it got to the point where I was double fisting pitchers, and ended up standing off to one side against the wall. I was so drunk that I was just standing there holding this jug of beer and not moving. So my friends and the bouncers decide to f*ck with me and start stacking chairs and tables all the way around me.

    I didn't move at all. They had me completely boxed in for about an hour until the bouncers had to kick me out. 

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    It's Important To Hydrate As You Go

    From redditor u/yunotho:

    I heard my friend being insulted by some people outside. Turns out they were friends, just giving him sh*t, but I run out... and that's when it happens... The sprinklers turn on.

    My drunken mind, enraged by the fact I am suddenly wet, attempts to kick the sprinkler. And misses. Water sprays in my face for a good 5 seconds, before I get up, and try again, to no avail. This happens about 10 times, before I start screaming profanities and punching the sprinklers. But every time I do, I fall down and the stream hits my face. I'm then "escorted" away by some kindly police.

    TL;DR, got into a fight with a sprinkler and lost.

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    Sober Isn't His First Language

    From Redditor u/bigsquirrel:

    Walked up to the bar at my local and ordered a 90 Shillings. Bartender says nope. I ask why not. She says, "If you can pronounce it you can have it."

    I proceed:


    NINnenety SHIRLLIN.


    Sigh... WATER."

    Only time I've ever been cut off there.

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    That Is A Surprise!

    From Redditor u/BenignEvil:

    When I was in Mexico, I told the bartender to "surprise me." He gave me a bottle of water.

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