People Share Stories About Jerks Who Got Drunk On The Smallest Amount Of Power

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Over on Reddit, people are sharing their war stories about people who went on the biggest power trips over the smallest amount of authority. From crossing guards to store assistant managers, here are a few stories about people who let the power go to their head in the worse way possible.

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    'You Have To Follow Everything I Say'

    From Redditor u/BW_Bird:

    Years ago I was the night manager of a gas station. I was pretty much just a glorified assistant manager, which basically meant I was in charge when the actual manager wasn't around.

    There was a girl (let's call her Jill) who thought no one worked as hard as her, despite calling in sick once a week and generally [requiring] constant supervision to keep her from goofing off. Jill was working a shift that overlapped my shift and the manager's shift.

    After I said my hellos to the day manager and he left to go home for the day, I went about setting up for the day. Jill comes bursting out of the back room full of p*ss and vinegar and loudly [proclaims], "Alright, listen up! The day manager put me in charge tonight, so you have to follow everything I say!"

    I found out [...] from the day manager the next day that he had jokingly told her, "OK Jill, I'm leaving. You're in charge of making sure BW_Bird doesn't slack off" on his way out, and she took this as an an official promotion.

    She spent the rest of her shift constantly looking over my shoulder and criticizing everything I did. She refused to follow through with anything I asked her to do because she thought she was in charge, so I no longer had the authority to tell her what to do.

    The day manager actually had to sit her down and explain that she was not promoted and still a regular employee. Although by this time she had already contacted her father and told him she was the new night manager at the point.

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    'Don't You Know Who I Am?'

    From Redditor u/whoops519:

    I had to interview a guy who is president of the cha-cha dancing club at my university, ChaChaLoco.

    When I asked for his full name, he scoffed. "You don't know who I am?" I said no, I was just a reporter for the school newspaper. He then said, "I am Firstname Middlename SecondSpanishMiddlename Lastname, President and Financial Executive of ChaChaLoco. If you haven't heard of me yet, you must live under a rock."

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    'That Woman Was Crazy'

    From Redditor u/Some-Mango:

    The woman in the office that was in charge of the coffee fund.

    She had a list of rules for using the coffee machine. One was you couldn’t brew any after 1pm. Even though we had a few people that liked coffee in the afternoon. Then she didn’t buy coffee with the fund because people weren’t following the rules.

    So someone else just bought coffee and brought it in. She didn’t like that, either.

    I think eventually the people she clashed with just brought in a new machine and did their own coffee fund. That woman was crazy.

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    'He Was Less Effective Than Empty Space'

    From Redditor u/Magnus_40:

    I once helped with first aid at [a] half-marathon, and one guy had a single job to do: He had to stand at the bottom of a road and direct the runners down one of two roads. Since there were barriers across [the] road, it was a no-brainer and impossible to screw up in any way, shape, or form.

    He decided that, despite the road being closed to traffic and contrary to the very simple instructions he was given, the runners MUST run on the pavement.

    Cars = Road, therefore On Foot = Pavement.

    He screamed at them and forced hundreds of people to squeeze along the pavement, even chasing after anyone who put a foot on the road yelling at them. People were tripping each other up in the small space, and when I got a couple of first aid patients I called around to see if I could get someone to stop him because he was drunk on absolutely zero power.

    Eventually someone shifted him and left no replacement, not even a direction sign and it all [ran] smoother than when he was there. Nobody took the wrong road, showing that he was less effective than empty space.

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    'Don't Be Cheap'

    From Redditor u/illogicalfuturity:

    I frequent a milk tea place that is popular with young people. There's this so-called influencer who'd try to get free stuff at businesses in exchange for her giving them a shout out. Tea place refused and she blew a gasket, like she talked about how much money she has and how she's gonna be famous.

    The cashier told her to not be so cheap, then, as their most expensive item is around $2.

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    Gaming Store Guy Goes Goofy After His Promotion

    From Redditor u/PartGalaxy:

    The fat, greasy gamer chud that gets promoted to assistant manager of a GameStop. No joke. I had a GS store I frequented for years, and the only person that worked there that I hated was this obnoxious walking stereotype.

    When the PS4 Pro came out, I went to trade in my regular PS4 with controller. It worked perfectly and had some minor wear.

    He proceeds to try and screw me on my trade-in and say that I can't have the controller that comes with the Pro because mine is "damaged," and he needs a controller with the system trade-in, so he was gonna open the Pro I was buying to keep the controller.

    I flipped my s**t. He canceled my sale and banned me from the store and said he could because he was the manager on duty.

    I called the corporate number to complain, and I was later informed he had literally been promoted that day and I was the third complaint call they got about him in about a four-hour span.

    Needless to say, he was fired almost instantly.

    It's kinda sad when the gross guy that works at the game store has to flex like that, because people like him clearly have no control in any other aspect of their lives.