37 People Who Have No Idea How to Eat Food

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As all those of us who have lived in this world quite possibly already know to be true, the unfortunate truth is that there are some people around us who simply cannot be trusted. Mormon missionaries for instance. . . and clowns. It's only fair you be warned up front however, that here you're about to behold a group of people who are so shamelessly eating food the wrong way that they must never be allowed into your inner circle under any circumstances. 

Though what you're about to see isn't pretty, prepare yourself to receive a good hard look at people who have been caught red-handed eating badly enough that all attempts at reason appear to be futile. If you are to spy a person like this in your everyday life, do not be taken in by their drastic attempts to revolutionize long-held traditions. As you can see, chaos can be the only result of such behavior, which should be avoided at all costs.

Now that you've been thoroughly warned, strap on your helmets friends and let the madness ensue!