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These Insane People Ate Live Animals For The Strangest Reasons

Updated July 29, 2020 1.5k views8 items

People eating bugs alive has something going for it... experts are still trying to figure out what that is, but there's definitely something. Gross insect eaters reign in infamy on the internet, where they come to share their culinary adventures: scorpions, cockroaches, black widows; you name it, they ate it. But insects make up only a fraction of live animals consumed online. Some people have been known to dabble in rodents, fish, or even reptiles. While many of them are out for a quick 15 minutes of fame, there are those who seem to be spurred by nothing more than sadistic pleasure. Whatever their motivations, the people who ate creepy crawlers deserve at least a quick look, and maybe a change in their diets. 

  • A Cockroach-Eating Competition Turns Deadly

    Edward Archbold looked poised to win it all at a bug-eating competition in South Florida. At one point, he devoured so many cockroaches at a time that he swallowed some whole. When it was all said and done, he cleared a bucket of roaches and over 60 grams of meal worms (35 three-inch monsters to be exact).

    The prize of an ivory ball python (worth about $850) seemed to be his for the taken. He planned on giving it to his friend as a present, but never got the chance. Minutes after the contest wrapped, Archbold collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. There, he was pronounced dead–the cause of death being asphyxiation. 

  • Man Eats A Black Widow To Land A Job

    At a hiring event for the Hobb's Grove Halloween celebration, Daniel Roberts put his best foot forward by scarfing down a live black widow. After pulling one out of a jar, he let it go for a stroll around his face and into his mouth. How can anyone be this comfortable with a deadly arachnid? The secret must be practice. 

    Roberts claims he's done this countless times, only suffering bites twice. But for safety's sake, he now carries medicine with him. Although, safety was the furthest thing from his mind when he started this dangerous hobby. Bored out of his mind, he thought, “I felt like eating a delicious spider."

  • Rats And Pro Wrestling Gimmicks Don't Mix

    Down in Australia, Matt Maloney threw a party where he bite off a rat's head. Then, to keep things rolling, he took three shots of vodka, got punched in the face, and had a chair broken over him. This display won't get him into the WWE, but it did get him a much needed visit from RSPCA Queensland (an animal rights organization). With a warrant in hand, the RSPCA rescued a snake and the remaining mice from Maloney's home. 

  • Guy Rips The Head Off A Frog

    In what appears to be a fish market in Asia, a man rips the head off a frog before eating its intestines. The people around him don't look impressed; if anything, they're brainstorming ways to forget what they just saw. None of this bothers the perpetrator in the least. Towards the end of the clip, he flashes a smile while holding up the frog's body.