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These Insane People Ate Live Animals For The Strangest Reasons

Updated July 29, 2020 1.5k views8 items

People eating bugs alive has something going for it... experts are still trying to figure out what that is, but there's definitely something. Gross insect eaters reign in infamy on the internet, where they come to share their culinary adventures: scorpions, cockroaches, black widows; you name it, they ate it. But insects make up only a fraction of live animals consumed online. Some people have been known to dabble in rodents, fish, or even reptiles. While many of them are out for a quick 15 minutes of fame, there are those who seem to be spurred by nothing more than sadistic pleasure. Whatever their motivations, the people who ate creepy crawlers deserve at least a quick look, and maybe a change in their diets. 

  • Eating Live Animals Is A Talent?

    Photo: Mike Pingleton/BillC / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    On the Chinese show similar to America's Got Talent, one guest's talent stemmed from her penchant to eat live animals as part of her regular diet. In her most infamous public showcase, she tore into a snake, chasing down its bloody flesh with a beer. But she's also been known to devour other live critters like pigeons, eels, and bull frogs.

    In her own words, “I don't discriminate.” There are more than a few animals out there who definitely wish she did. 

  • One Man Has An Insatiable Appetite For Lizards

    Photo: Zaferauf / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    With one “grim look”, Mika'ilu Danzaki Kurna of Nigeria asserts that lizards fall under a trance, dropping from walls into his hands. He often stuffs his pockets to capacity because the reptiles aren't always within reach. In Kurna's town, the numbers are so scarce that he sometimes spends around three months in the wilderness to get his fix.

  • A Brazilian Man Appeared To Swallow A Chick Whole

    In this video, a man in Brazil kisses a tiny chick, but not as a show of affection. Afterwards, he forces the baby bird into his mouth and gulps it down with a swig of beer. In the background, some disturbing laughter can be heard. Some argue that the chuckles could be congratulations for a prank well done. Even if that was the case, who thinks about pretending to eat a chick in front of their bros for kicks? Then again people will do all sorts of things on the internet.

  • Is A Scorpion The Strangest Thing This Man Has Eaten?

    For his web show “Food for Louis,” Louis Cole gave munching down on a giant scorpion a go. He should consider himself lucky, not only because it failed to sting him, but also because the public hasn't decided to take him to task for it either.

    Other than scorpions, Cole also eats live locusts, live tarantulas, pig eyeballs, and a pet goldfish for the fame. There's no telling what he'll eat next, which is why one commenter wrote that they'd be afraid to live with Louis “ case he decided to one day to eat me too.”