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People Who Prefer DC Comics Over Marvel Explain Their Reasoning

It's one of the biggest and oldest rivalries in pop culture fandom: DC vs. Marvel. Who would win? For decades, the comic book industry has been dominated by the "Big Two." In terms of history, DC might have a slight edge as the first comic company on the scene. The publisher was founded as National Allied Publications in 1934 and can also claim to have kickstarted the entire superhero genre with the publication of Action Comics #1 in 1938, featuring the debut appearance of Superman. The precursor to Marvel Comics, Timely Comics, released Marvel Comics #1 a year later featuring Sub-Mariner and the first version of the Human Torch.

The two companies have enjoyed a friendly but highly competitive rivalry ever since, with similar Marvel and DC comic events and analogous Marvel and DC superheroes inspiring fan debate. Since 2008, the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has lead many to claim that Marvel has left its long-time competitor in the dust. But, does cinematic achievement translate to better comics? These comic book fans don't think so, and have taken to Reddit to explain why they still prefer DC to Marvel.

  • DC And Marvel Characters Are Equally Over-Powered (Despite Arguments To The Contrary)

    From Redditor /u/DraftAtol:

    Captain America and Superman are often compared, so here is my question: what is more relatable, being a secret Nazi agent who wants to take over the world or taking your wife and son to the county fair? Assassinating someone who looks up to you or trying to protect your young son from how horrible the real world can be?

    Marvel also has characters like The Silver Surfer, Hyperion, Sentry etc. They are just as over-powered as any DC character.

    Ultimately all superheroes are unbelievable. In real life, getting bitten by a radioactive spider would probably give you bone cancer. I like DC more because I think the stories are better. I really like the idea of a lot of Marvel characters but the comics never quite measure up.

  • DC Comics Are Great Month In, Month Out

    From Redditor /u/ArashiRyu13:

    Marvel is great at making movies, while DC is great at making comics. You only get 1-2 Marvel movies a year, while you get great [DC] comics every month.

  • DC Has Better Villains And A Stronger Multiverse

    From Redditor /u/Doctor_Dane:

    I can probably count on one hand the Marvel villains that I really like (Magneto, Doctor Doom, Thanos, might take a while to recall others...) Another plus for DC is the variety: it's a universe where Superman can meet Jonah Hex, Amethyst, or Hans von Hammer while exploring Dinosaur Island. I think that stems from the fact that DC grew absorbing characters from different companies. Also, kind of related, the Multiverse: I love the concept, and while Marvel has it too, DC really uses it the best. In the end though, I think the main reason is the reboots: thanks to the "New 52" reboot I managed to get in on the ongoing comics, and that's why I usually read more DC than Marvel (I just read some collected runs from Marvel when I find one that interests me).

  • DC Characters Feel More Significant

    From Redditor /u/VTKajin:

    DC characters feel, and are, more iconic and mythic. They stand for something, they are what they stand for. I grew up on DC but for a while I was more into Marvel because it was more down to earth. But I've recently come back to DC because of how irreplaceable these characters are. If I can sum it up in a word, I'd just say "big." Marvel characters are fine and all, but most of them just feel so... inconsequential.